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Who, me? Worry about weight gain?

How do you all feel about the weight gain “thing” during pregnancy? Are you worried or not? Some 30-week moms have their say.

I know so many women who get really freaked out about the whole thing and obsess about it. I am not really worried about it. I mean, I know it may be harder than any other time in my life to get it off — but that is OK with me. I am growing a BABY in here! Is there a better reason than that? I have ladies that I work with that say rude stuff like, “Boy, you are getting chunky!” (which to me reads FAT) and I say, “Yeah, I am PREGNANT!” – Mia


    I’m not worried about it at all. I’m a really solid person… I’m short, but I’m NOT petite. I’m big boned and sturdy, and I pretty much always have some belly. I obsessed about my weight as a teen really bad, but somewhere along the line I decided that I am who I am and I’m not ever going to be a little skinny minny. I’ve actually loved life (and myself) a whole lot more since then! I hope that within a year or so I can get back into my 32″ Levi’s…and that will be good enough for me. And if I can’t? Oh well. It’s a cost of motherhood I’m willing and able to bear. – Michelle

I guess I’m not really “worried,” ’cause if I was, I would be seriously restricting my food intake and working out or something ridiculous and crazy like that. I mean, I know that it’s for the best reason in the world, and the end outcome is sooo worth it. At the same time, it’s been a bit difficult watching my body change so drastically! I might not care at all if I were gaining the “average recommended weight gain” of 25-35 pounds. I’ve gained just over 50 so far, and it’s been interesting watching my butt grow over the last few months. Since my midwife is not at all concerned, and my husband still thinks I’m sexy as all get out, I’m pretty happy with it! I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care what people say anymore. – Sarah

    I’m not worried now, but I do worry that I’ll get depressed a few months after the baby is born. I am not going to build up false hopes that breastfeeding will “magically” melt it off. I’ve lived in this body for 31 years and I know my metabolism sucks! It’s going to take a lot of work, and I don’t know how motivated or devoted I’m going to be to weight loss for the first few months. That said, I really don’t care. I could obsess, or I could enjoy the miraculous work my body is doing! So what that it’s in overdrive when it comes to fat stores…it’s doing what it thinks is necessary to grow a baby! I just have to look the other way when I catch a glimpse of my flabby grandma arms in the mirror. – Steph

I am really not worried about it either. I was really upset with my weight gain when I was hypothyroid last year — I was gaining about 20 pounds a month and that lasted for three or so months before it slowed down. I ran every day and ate extremely healthy, but it made no difference. Although my thyroid is totally under control now, I have still been amazed at how little I have gained while pregnant (about 17 pounds so far). I expected to gain a lot. I am really not worried about taking it off either. I finally became okay with the weight I put on last year. It will come off eventually. – Amy


    I don’t worry at all. I have had three babies and got back to 125 pounds, which is a good weight for me. I started out before and after my first way too skinny. I know with each baby it gets harder, but I look at it like this: Maybe this time I will be more motivated to actually not just lose the weight, but exercise and tone it back up some being as I know it is going to be my last. – alwayspg

I’m not too worried… not like last time! I gained 50 pounds last pregnancy and was a mess when I had the baby because it didn’t just “melt away” like it did for so many other women. Eventually it DID go away tho! This time, I’m an eating junk-mobile and can’t quit and I’m still 20 pounds under what I was before. It will go away! – Jen


    I’m not worried…but I don’t have to like it. I don’t think there is much I can do about it anyway. I exercise and eat well — what else can I do? I’m on the low side of weight gain, so I’m lucky. Still, is hard to take off. – Stephanie

I’m not “worried” about the weight gain, but I am really trying to keep the weight gain within or slightly below the recommended target. I started out heavier than I should have been (I was 155 pre-pregnancy and I’m only 5’3″), so I’m trying to keep the weight gain under 25 pounds. So far, I’ve gained about 17 pounds and have 7 weeks left until my due date. Although I know 17 pounds doesn’t sound like much, I know it will be difficult for me to get off after the baby is born. That being said, quite honestly, I tend to obsess about my weight. I know it’s a special time where I am growing a baby, but it’s been difficult for me to deal with the weight gain. I weigh myself EVERY day and I have for more than two years and I keep a log of my weight. It’s not that I worry that I won’t be “pretty” or that people will think I’m “fat,” but it’s more that I want to be healthy and be able to do active things with my children… So, for me, it’s more about being “healthy” as opposed to being “skinny.” – Cherie


    I admit I was concerned a few weeks ago. I had put on more than I expected I would. To date, I’ve put on 28 pounds. However, once I saw the other mothers on this forum gaining the same amount (the ones having boys!) I began to feel much better about everything. Now I just try not to eat anything fattening like hot fudge cakes! – Karen

I started out 30 pounds over where I would like to be, so my weight gain should be much less than someone who is at their ideal weight… I have gained 20 pounds already (30 weeks) which is what I was hoping for the whole pregnancy. I read that the last few months they recommend 2.6 pounds per four weeks (so approximately 7.8 pounds in the last three months. I’m hoping not to gain much more since I had such a large baby last time (9.6) and only gained 16 pounds! – Sue


    For once in my life, I’m not worried about my weight. This baby is the best reason in the world to be getting “heavy.” Right before I got pregnant, I had gained about 25 pounds due to stress. What a crappy reason to gain weight! I am hoping this whole pregnancy thing will be a shock to my metabolism and it will get moving again after the baby comes. – museummommy

I feel like I should be, but I’m really not. I’ve gained quite a bit — 32 pounds at 32 weeks I believe. This is actually the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I gained 50 with my daughter, but started out almost 30 pounds lighter (VERY underweight), so by the time I’d gained 20 pounds with this one, I was at the same weight as my peak with my daughter. Every time I look in the mirror its like “Wow, I’m huge!” but then my next thought is always, “But the pregnancy is almost over, and I lost all the weight easy enough before, and I’ll do it again with this one.” – Sara

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