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7 Must-have apps for busy moms

Busy moms can organize appointments, plan dinner, save a little cash and much more using these must-have apps.

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1Bank of Mom

This low-cost app ($2) is an easy way to keep track of your kids’ allowances and much more. You set up an account for each of your children and track any money they earn for chores or allowance. Bank of Mom also allows you to track their computer and TV time as well as other activities.

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We love free apps like Cozi that organize your family calendar, to-do lists, reminders, shopping list and much more — all in one place. Sign up on, then manage your account wherever you go using your iPhone, Android phone or BlackBerry.

3Grocery iQ

Save money and cash on your grocery shopping by staying organized with Grocery iQ. It has a very cool barcode scanning feature that allows you to create lists with ease. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android users, the Grocery iQ app allows allows you to find bargains because it’s integrated with coupons.

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Make sure you are getting the best deals and find out about sales using your own personal shopping assistant — ShopSavvy. This free iPhone and Android app allows you to easily find the best prices for a product, both online and at physical stores. You can create wish lists and set up price alerts that will tell you when your favorite items hit a targeted price point or go on sale. Use the camera on your smartphone to scan barcodes at stores and let the app do your comparison shopping before you buy.

5Baby Tracker

New mommies can keep track of everything about their babies, including sleep patterns, eating habits, potty times and more. Baby Tracker remembers all the essential times so that tired moms don’t have to. This essential app for busy new moms is available for just $2 at the iTunes store.

6How to Cook Everything

You might already be familiar with Mark Bittman’s gigantic cookbook, How to Cook Everything. Now, you don’t have to lug around the book and flip through pages to explore more than 2,000 recipes. All the popular recipes are listed in the featured section. You also can filter recipes by cooking terms, ingredients, technique, flavor and type. You can save recipes and add the ingredients to a shopping list, which can be sorted by aisle or alphabetically. At under five bucks, this powerful app is a bargain.

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7Coupon Sherpa

Couponing can save you a lot of cash, but many busy moms don’t have the time for clipping and organizing their coupons. Talk to your local stores and see if they are willing to scan coupons directly from your phone (or at least type in the numbers). If they are, you can save a lot of time and hassle by downloading the free Coupon Sherpa app. This lets you use your current location to search local retailers and create a list of stores offering coupons and discounts. View the offers on your phone, and if you want the discount, you can bring up the coupon. If your store needs actual paper coupons, you can print out a copy, but most major markets are willing to scan directly from your phone.

Though apps are great timesavers and organizational tools, don’t overlook the old-fashioned, simple essentials. For example, a huge wall calendar prominently displayed in your home can list all your family’s appointments and special events to keep everyone in your family abreast of all the latest activities, deadlines and expectations.

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