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Quick & creative dinner solutions for the family


Quick meals that will please a crowd and offer well-balanced nutrition can be difficult to create. When you’re on the go and just need to refuel, avoid the call of the takeout menu drawer and try one of these quick dinnertime saves.

Beef and rice casserole

1Make breakfast.

Not only is breakfast for dinner an oft-welcomed change from the norm, but it’s also easy to prepare and serve. After all, many breakfast foods were designed for speed. Serve up omelets stuffed with ingredients such as broccoli, spinach, cream or cheddar cheese and ham for a one-item, well-rounded meal. Serve with a mug of hot cocoa and a side of potato smashers or quick breakfast potatoes for the best breakfast ever.

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2Dress up a frozen pizza.

It happens to all of us: Everyone is starving, there are few food items to be found, and you only have a few minutes to put something together. The next time this situation occurs, try dressing up an ordinary frozen pizza with some not-so-ordinary frozen pizza toppings, such as: fresh tomato slices and herbs; leftover barbecue chicken or pork; or sliced red, yellow and green peppers, with olives, red onion and a little feta. Get creative: There’s not much that doesn’t taste great as a pizza topping.

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3Keep a casserole handy.

Stash a casserole in the freezer and surprise your family with a home-cooked meal that’s ready to eat even before a take-out meal would hit the table.

4Plan a sandwich night.

Break out the panini press and prepare hot, melty, delicious sandwiches with soup and salad for a quick and comforting meal. Experiment with sandwich fillings and make your own spreads, such as garlic and onion cream cheese with sautéed kale, mushrooms and artichokes. Add a little spice by topping your grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with chipotle mayonnaise.

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5Bring out the beans.

Keep a variety of canned beans in your pantry for quick and simple meal solutions. Versatile, easy to prepare and loaded with protein and fiber, beans are a valuable ingredient when you don’t have enough time to prepare meat. Blend cannellini beans, olive oil, a pinch of cayenne pepper and herbs for a great sandwich spread or dip. Combine garbanzo beans, black beans and kidney beans in tomato sauce, season with a pre-made packet of chili spices, heat and serve over whole-wheat noodles for a hearty bowl of chili mac. Switch from chili to taco seasoning during preparation and serve over lettuce with cheese and sour cream for a fast and satisfying taco salad or three-bean nachos.

Grown-up grilled cheese

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