6 Sandwich shortcuts for busy moms

Time to make a well-rounded meal is a scarce commodity when you’re constantly on the go. Even assembling sandwiches for school lunches or for a quick evening meal can be a challenge when your attention is pulled in what feels like a thousand different directions. Try the following sandwich shortcuts if you’re looking to speed up meal prep without losing flavor or nutrition.

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1Prepare & store sandwich components in advance.

Slice fruits, veggies and cheese when you come home from the supermarket, and store them until you’re ready for some efficient sandwich stacking. When properly stored in the refrigerator, your prep work will stay fresh for approximately one week.

2Opt for make-ahead sandwich spreads.

Prepare cold classics such as tuna or egg salad for sandwich fillings that you can just scoop and serve. Also, the slow cooker is a handy tool for preparing really delicious fillings that don’t require much attention while cooking or dressings when serving. Slow-cooked roast beef is super-easy when served as a French dip, and cooking chicken breasts in barbecue sauce and a little cola in the slow cooker for a few hours will yield yummy barbecue chicken sandwiches when served over sliced onion rolls.

3Practice proper construction.

Layer sandwiches for longer storage times by keeping the wet ingredients away from the bread. Use the meat and cheese in your sandwich as barriers to protect the bread, and layer wet condiments in between. No more soggy sandwiches!

4Less is more.

Rather than loading your bread, wraps and buns up with all of the usual ingredients, put together a delicious sandwich with four items or less. Opt for interesting and high-quality ingredients such as a crusty baguette, brie cheese and apple chutney for a gourmet peasant sandwich. Or layer a thick slice of fresh mozzarella, ripe tomato and fresh basil between Italian bread for a clean and satisfying dish.

5Form an assembly line.

Put bread, meats, cheeses, veggies and toppings at an assembly station and put the family to work. Not only does the shortcut save you time, but it also guarantees that each person achieves the perfect meat-to-cheese-to-bread-to-topping ratio — a highly-personal preference.

6Just add bacon.

Bacon seamlessly transitions from a breakfast meat to a sandwich star, so make your child’s day by serving bacon at breakfast and then serving BLTs later in the day. Make it lean by opting for turkey bacon. Make it a club sandwich by adding turkey. Make it interesting by adding an extra ingredient such as cheese, sprouts or avocado. Think of other ingredients that can pull double-duty during two meals throughout the day, or even later in the week, and work them into your meal plan.

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