Quick ways to cool down after school

Aug 17, 2011 at 10:44 a.m. ET

Sitting in a classroom when it still feels like summer outside is a total bummer. Moms can’t change the school schedule or control the weather, but they can offer their kids some cool, refreshing after-school treats that will help banish the grumpiness.

Kids making milkshakes


1Sweet sips

A frosty drink after school will cool kids off quickly and help them feel refreshed. Slushies are fun to make with a variety of fresh fruits. Plus, they're a healthier choice than sugary soft drinks. In your blender, add berries to ice, lemon juice and honey. Chunks of watermelon make a sweet and light slush; strawberries yield a thicker consistency. Let the children choose the fruit combos, then place leftovers in an ice tray to satisfy a cool craving in a hurry later on.

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2Cool fruit

Frozen grapes are an icy-sweet treat. Jazz them up by dipping them in lemon juice and rolling in granulated sugar before freezing. Also try yogurt parfaits layered with fruit, and fruit kabobs with cold applesauce as a dip. Keep bags of frozen fruit on hand. A serving of berries or melon will defrost enough in just a few minutes to be easy to eat while still wonderfully frosty. Dip small bananas in melted chocolate and freeze. Don't forget to insert a skewer or Popsicle stick for easy handling.

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3Frozen Treats

There are so many possibilities for fun and flavor with frozen dessert treats! Make shakes with fruit and milk, or sodas with the fizz of ginger ale. Add orange juice and ice to a small scoop of frozzen yogurt and blend up a cooling citrus drink that's full of creamy flavor. Mini cones are great for small children.


Gelatin is cool and light, and kids love it because of the flavors, the colors and the wiggle. Make up two or three of your child's favorite flavors and colors; chill until set. Cut the gelatin into cubes and refrigerate in a glass pan. Serve in clear glasses or bowls, layering the different colors with vanilla yogurt or whipped cream.

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