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How to make a World’s Greatest Kid award

Showing your appreciation toward your child’s good behavior is a great way to ensure she continues doing good things in the future. Olympians earn medals when they accomplish something great. Make your child feel special and out of this world with a World’s Greatest Kid award. Here’s how.

Kid of the day award

1Find your materials.

Head to your local craft store with some ideas in mind. Being around so much creative stuff will help you solidify your ideas.

Perhaps you want to give your child a medal to reward good behavior. Gather up a medallion, bold-looking ribbon, paint and writing materials for decoration.

Other ideas include decorating a mug or glass, investing in a little trophy to display in her room, or adorning a t-shirt with bubble paint or iron-on decorations.


Sketching out exactly what you want to do with the award can help narrow down the ideas swimming in your head. Decide what you want it to look like and what you want to say with it, and put it on paper.

3Get to crafting.

Get to work, and do what it takes to make the award look professional and pretty. The better it looks and the more time you spent on it, the more special your child will feel. Pay attention to the details, because this could be a piece your child treasures throughout his life.

4Let the award set & stabilize.

Don’t hand out the award in hasty excitement. Let the paint and glue dry. Make sure it looks and feels perfect when you finally hand over your lovely work to your child.

5Add those extra-special finishing touches.

Make sure your child knows you’re awarding him something from the heart. Add finishing touches such as a note from Mom, pretty hearts and proud words about his kind, smart, outstanding behavior. Tell him verbally as you present the award, too.

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