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4 reasons to throw an everyday celebration


Life is about the little things. Sure, that big promotion at work might be your goal for the year, but those adorable moments with your children and romantic times with your significant other still seem more important. Life is worth celebrating! Here are four reasons to throw an everyday celebration to appreciate those lovely moments.

Throw a celebration every day

1You got through the week.

Stress at work can lead to stress at home. Mounting bills, household duties and the attitudes of people in your family can add to the stress factor. Let it all go at once with a weekend celebration. Gather a few close friends for cocktails by the pool, or just get the family together for family game night. Socializing is cathartic. Soon enough, your stresses and worries won’t seem so heavy when you have good friends and understanding family on your side.

2You accomplished a goal.

Whether it was a short- or long-term goal doesn’t matter. Throw a shindig to celebrate your efforts. The promise of a reward at the end of a long, hard struggle can be all the more incentive to create goals and reach them. Kick back, relax and invite your favorite people. It’s not about bragging about a new job; it’s about taking the time to digest the change in your life.

3You haven’t seen your closest friends in awhile.

Maybe you don’t party as much as you did in the past because work and family got in the way. While those are two very good things, you miss the release of a fun, friend-packed weekend. Round up the gal pals for a night out, or even just a girls’ night in. Gather up the junk food and a few drinks, just like you did when you were younger. Gab about what’s going on in your life, and be sure to listen, too. This is bound to be as much fun for them as it is for you.

4Someone in your family did something special.

Maybe your child stood up for a classmate when she was getting bullied, or perhaps your husband helped a neighbor out with his groceries when he couldn’t afford them. Reinforcing kind behavior with a reward ensures that it will happen again in the future. No matter how small the gesture, it’s worth celebrating if it meant a lot to someone else.

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