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5 Tips for beating back-to-school blues

Kids everywhere are feeling the back-to-school blues right about now, but going back to class doesn’t have to be a drag. Help your kids beat the back-to-school blues with these five tips.

Little girl boarding schoolbus

1Dress the part.

Going back to school can be a lot more exciting if your kids have fun new clothes and school supplies to show off. Set a budget and allow your children to select some new duds and supplies (that are parent- and school-approved, of course).

2Set a space.

Your child’s desk may have accumulated lots of non-school clutter over the summer. Take some time before school starts to help your kids clean their desks off/out. Encourage them to make this a Zen space that is void of distraction and conducive to concentration.

3Get them back on a schedule.

If you’ve let your children’s schedules slack a little during the summer, don’t wait until the first day of school to start getting them back on a normal routine. Simply getting a good night’s sleep can make heading back to school a lot easier — for your child and you. This is a good time to get yourself to bed a little earlier, too.


If your child is apprehensive about heading back to school, touch base with his teacher a few weeks before class starts and see if you can arrange a meeting for you and your child. Even seeing his classroom before the big day (and knowing where it is at school) can help eliminate back-to-school blues and jitters. Privately discuss any concerns with the teacher before school starts, as well.

5Make heading back to school a ceremonious event.

If you don’t have a fun back-to-school tradition, start one. For instance, make a BTS cake (that’s back-to-school cake, for those of you thinking otherwise) for your kids every year before school starts. They’ll still talk about this as adults. Have a special dinner — complete with your child’s favorite foods — the night before school starts. Watch video from summer vacations, or start chatting up your kids about the friends they can’t wait to see at school. No matter what, put a positive spin on the fact that school’s back in session.

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