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7 Hobbies you can do while kids are in school

Now that the kids are heading back to school, as a stay at home mom, you can indulge in a little you time and enjoy a hobby you love! From hobbies that don’t take a lot of time to activities and crafts that you can make for your kiddos, check out these seven hobbies that can work with your kids’ back to school schedule.

1Pick up no-sew hobbies

From fleece blankets to throw pillows, two equally-sized pieces of fleece fringe snipped 4″ deep by 1″ wide along the entire border of the material and tied can be turned into a cold weather staple or easy-to-make gift in no time flat.

2Start a scrap booking hobby

Scrap booking activities and crafts are easy to do here and there, without requiring a big chunk of time to create long lasting results for your fondest photo memories.

3Begin a blogging hobby

From reading daily blogs to becoming a blogger yourself, making blogs your hobby can be a great outlet to get your creative juices flowing — or just to read that your kids aren’t the only ones driving Mom crazy!

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4Unwind with reading as a hobby

Whether you’re obsessed with your new Kindle or simply love the feel of a good paperback between your fingers, taking a few moments each day while the kids are in school is a relaxing hobby many stay at home moms lose the time for when the kids are at home.

5Become a stay at home mom online seller

Take some time for yourself, rid your household of unwanted items and make a little fun money when you take up online selling as a hobby. You can also head to your local self storage auction during the week to bid on abandoned units and sell the contents for some green.

6Create hair accessories with activities and crafts you can sell

There’s no rule that says your hobby has to be just for you. In a few short minutes, you can whip up some cute hair bows, hair flowers and hair clips for your little princess, but sell the majority online on, at a local mom’s club boutique event or by word of mouth to other mommy friends.

7Indulge in a workout

Whether you hit the gym or train for a marathon, exercise as a hobby not only helps you burn unwanted calories, but gets those feel-good endorphins pumping, making you a happier mommy in mere moments.

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Licensed family therapist and parenting expert Kimberley Clayton Blaine, M.A., MFT, aka The Go-To Mom, encourages stay at home moms not give up hobbies, activities and crafts you can do while kids are in school.

“I see mommies waiting to pursue their dreams until their children are much older, but then it’s too late,” says Blaine. By following your favorite hobby now, you’re showing your kiddos how you take care of yourself in addition to taking care of your kids and your family, ultimately making you your children’s best role model.

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