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18 Best potty training books and videos

Mastering potty training control may be no easy feat for your kiddo, but the right books and videos may help youngsters grasp the concept — or at least be distracted long enough to go on the potty!

Potty training

From potty training books that feature familiar friends to toilet training videos that use music and stories, discover the 18 best potty training books and videos to help your child conquer the porcelain throne!

Read potty training books with your child

Books featuring your tot’s favorite characters will keep her engaged while mastering the art of potty training. Pick up books like:

Potty training books with sounds make mastering this new skill less mysterious and a bit more fun, such as:

Not all tots potty train their bowels at the same time as their urine, so look for books that address the topic of number two, such as:

Opt for gender-specific potty training books

When it comes to going number two, both boys and girls may sport the same technique, but to help your potty training kiddo really grasp the concept of how to go number one, opt for books especially geared toward your boy or girl, such as:

Study books for parents on toilet training

Before you can help your child grasp the concept of potty training, it’s important to learn the best way to help them, so check out books like:

Let your child watch potty training videos

Using narration, songs, stories and kids your youngsters can identify with, potty training videos can help tykes grasp the concept of how it’s done with videos such as:

Expert tips

Before you begin, note that “children must be ready both emotionally and physically for potty training to be a success,” explains KellyAnn Bonnell, M.A., director of the Unitarian Universalist Early Education Cooperative Preschool. “There is no ideal age. Wait until your child begins to show interest in the process. That will be sometime between 24 and 36 months. When your child is ready it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.”

Exposing your youngster to the 18 best potty training books and videos before you attempt toilet training may put little ones at ease, so stock up now — you may soon have yourself a potty trained tot!

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