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Monday Mom challenge: Laugh

No doubt about it, being a mom is serious business. There’s so much responsibility, so much to worry about, so much to do that it can feel hard to find the fun in the daily grind. Oh, but how much it eases your mood when you find yourself making funny faces with your little one! Buy into that, cherish that — make time for that every day. Every day, make time and find ways to laugh.


Laughter and humor may seem like a luxury when there is so much to do in our busy lives, but a sense of humor often is essential to getting through our days — especially when they so rarely go exactly as planned! Even on the busiest, most intense days of parenting and life, find a way to laugh. Make a joke, tickle your little one, or find humor in the absurd. Laugh — to make your days better and to establish a positive mood for the whole family.

Lighten up

Life is serious business. If you don’t lighten the mood now and again — or often — it can feel overwhelming. Laughter, and finding ways to use humor to lighten the mood, just plain helps you deal with the seriousness of it all. Laughter can be a reminder that somehow, some way, you’ll figure out the seriousness. You’ll be okay.

Laughter is good medicine

When you’re feeling down, laughter can help you feel better. You’re right, laughter won’t make your cold go away or heal a broken bone, but it can help you cope. Laugh at how ridiculous you look with a runny nose, or the wacky gait when you try to walk with that broken toe — and how ridiculously clumsy you are. You may even find that laughing helps distract from and ease pain and discomfort.

Pathways to joy

One of the great gifts of laughter is that it so simply reminds us of the joy in life. For all the hard in life, there is much good. And wouldn’t you rather instill memories of laughter and smiling and happiness in your children? Aren’t those your best memories of your own upbringing, when the family was laughing together, even at really inane inside jokes? Laughing helps us be happy.

Laughter helps you and your family cope with the curves life can throw your way. While not everything is funny, finding ways laugh, both by yourself and with your kids, helps make your days happier.

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