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5 Best potty training bribes

Most parents will tell you that using incentives to potty train your tot makes the undertaking more successful, regardless of what you think about bribing your babe. So, what are the most common bribes parents are using to get their youngster to go on the potty? From stickers to sweets to ultimate rewards, find out tips on the best potty training bribes directly from the parents who use them.

1Sticking to toilet training

“We swore by a piece of paper and stickers in the bathroom,” explains Jennifer Bullock of “Each time our daughter went potty she’d get stickers and was so proud to put them up on her chart.”

The same holds true for Denise Gavilan of “We hung a chart in the bathroom and our son got to place a sticker on it whenever he went to the bathroom in the toilet. It works — kids love stickers!”

2Sweet success on the potty

“We recently triumphed over PT using Hershey’s Kisses,” boasts Rhea of “We had [our older children] come to us for Kisses after a BM, and after just one day, he made the connection, and we’ve been completely diaper free since, not even a bedtime accident.”

“Both my girls were potty trained in the month of their 2nd birthdays [with] M&M’s!” says Jill Mikols Etesse. “Every time they went in the potty they got minis! We don’t allow candy at home so it was a major treat.”

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3Tips for potty training using ultimate rewards

“Each night they stayed dry I gave them a ticket to be redeemed at the dollar store for any item they wanted,” explains Angie Prejean of Angie Prejean Designs. “After one week of no accidents, day or night, they got a trip to the toy store for a $20 item. I figured that was well worth the expense for not buying diapers anymore!”

Have a youngster who has mastered the potty but you’re still trying to potty train when it comes to going number two? “My advice is that if you have a special trip or vacation coming up, use that as a way to get them to go,” offers Lori Bizzoco of “After a month of soiled panties, I took out the big guns: ‘If you go poopy on the potty, Mickey Mouse and Cinderella will let you come to their house.’ After a week of saying it, she believed me and boom…instant potty training! Looks like we are planning a trip to Disney!”

4Get excited about the potty

“Nothing beats mom or dad doing The Potty Dance,” suggests Silvana Clark of “This involves wild body gyrations, huge arm swings and singing the ditty, ‘Sondra went poteeee, Sondra went poteeee.’ Great motivation!”

5Potty train with unexpected incentives

“I took my son (age two years, three months) to his soon-to-be preschool for a morning where he had a complete blast,” says Alana Cash. “When I picked him up, he didn’t want to leave and I said, ‘If you want to go back again, you have to go pee-pee in the toilet.’ From that day forward, he was potty trained.”

However you choose to encourage your little one to potty train, remember to have patience. Toilet training is an emotional milestone for the both of you. So, when your child is ready to master the art of the potty, take tips from parents who have been there and put the five best potty training bribes into action!

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