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6 Tips for getting your household ready for back to school

Late nights and family vacations make summer fun, but they can also make it hard for kids when it’s time to go back to school. As summer winds down, taking the time now to begin preparing for school can make the new school year easier on your entire family. From starting on a school sleep schedule to cleaning up your computer, discover six tips for getting your household back to school ready.

1. Transition into back to school sleep schedule

A week or two before school starts, move your kiddo’s bedtime back 15 minutes each night until they are hitting the sack at the time they would during the regular school schedule.

2. Get your family calendar organized

Bust out your calendar and start organizing your family’s activities agenda when preparing for school. From sports practice to music lessons, it will be easier on everyone if you work out who needs to be where before you head back to school, especially when it comes to arranging pickups and drop-offs.

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3. Look into carpool options

Whether it’s an arrangement with your child’s classmate or an schedule with your hubby, partaking in a carpool will save you time and gas money, so plan ahead to optimize your schedule with your kids’ school schedule.

4. Complete back to school shopping

On top of a new school wardrobe, backpack and lunch box, chances are teachers are asking for school supply donations as well. So, jump on back to school sales on school supplies now for your kids’ classrooms during the school year.

5. Dust off a study space

Giving your school-age child a clear, quiet place to do homework and study is the key for a successful school year, so clear off summer books and projects from a designated study space when preparing for school time.

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6. Clean up your computer

When preparing your kids for the new school year, making sure your PC is ready for back to school time is just as important. Deleting old files will make room for your youngster’s new homework and reports, and updating programs to arm your kiddos with the latest technology tools will make the new school year run smoother.

Been letting your youngster skimp on breakfast during the hot summer months? Preparing for school starts with the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to fueling their brains during the school year. “When my students skip breakfast, they are less focused and eager for lunch,” shares Sheri Chu, retired elementary school teacher from the Ontario-Montclair School District. “I always encourage parents to get kids used to eating first thing in the morning to aid them in learning throughout the day.”

With these tips for getting your household ready for back to school time, the new school year will be a breeze so you can focus on the excitment of sending your kids back to school once the school bell rings!

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