Help your child discover her talents

Is your child a talented, budding artist, athlete or academic? No matter where your child’s talent lies, you can help him discover and nurture it.

Girl learning to play bongo drums

Born this way?

Some kids show talent in a particular area from a very young age, while others discover their talents as they grow. For example, one child may be a born actor, wanting to put on a show from the time he can stand up. Another may not show any interest in sports until he’s a preteen and becomes a talented, dedicated athlete.

Discover talents by learning.

Discovering different activities will help your child uncover and develop her talents. Maybe it’s a field trip to the local museum or a speaker on career day that opens childrens’ eyes to a new activity they’d enjoy pursuing.

Encourage, but don’t push.

Helping your child discover her talents can be rewarding, but she may resent it if you push too hard. While some kids who are talented in music may aspire to be concert pianists, others may just enjoy playing music. Nurture their talents with the understanding that they may want to experience other things.

Make help available.

Check out resources in your community to help develop your child’s talent, whatever it may be. Enroll him in a specialized afterschool program or camp. Chat with neighbors or coworkers about mentoring your child in a field in which they’re proficient.

Most important of all, enjoy watching your child’s talent bloom and seeing where it takes her as she gets older. Whether you’re the parent of the next star or simply exposing your child to different activities to help guide her interests, the rewards are great.

Tell us

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