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4 Ways to sneak in exercise with your newborn

When you have a newborn, getting yourself into the shower by noon is considered a successful day. So, fitting in exercise for mom is likely the last thing on your priority list. Although making time for an exercise routine when you bring home your bundle of joy can be tricky, it is possible with the right tips. From taking the baby for a stroll to doing lunges to lull your baby off to dreamland, discover four ways to sneak in exercise with your newborn baby in your life.


1Exercise with your baby outdoors

You don’t need a sitter for your newborn when you take your cutie pie along for the ride. Take your bundle of joy for a stroll in the baby carriage, even if only around the block or to the local park. Both you and your brand new baby will benefit from the sunshine and fresh air, which can also prove to be a sanity saver when feeling cooped up.

There are also exercise groups, like Stroller Strides, that focus on exercising with your tot in tow. “When you have a newborn, especially if it’s your first, you’re starving to socialize with people who get what you’re going through,” says Breanne Houston, owner of Stroller Strides. “With Stroller Strides, you get the support from like-minded moms with an added bonus of working out with your newborn to get your body back!”

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2Incorporate an exercise routine into your newborn’s daily schedule

Getting your baby used to an exercise routine is great for setting a good example for healthy living later on. Many exercise DVDs are available that show you light aerobic exercise routines that use your youngster as resistance in lieu of weights. Just be sure to support her head and neck, especially with newborns!

3Engage in mommy and baby yoga

Connecting with your wee one over a half boat pose or Ujjayi breathing not only keeps you both centered, but also has been found to help babies catch more restful winks in the land of nod. Not ready to venture out and join a class? Try picking up a mommy and baby yoga DVD to incorporate into your exercise routine at home for the same physical and emotional benefits.

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4Get creative with ways to sneak in exercise for mom and baby

Exercise for mom doesn’t have to involve a class or an instructor. Sneak in exercise with baby by doing lunges to lull your little one off to dream land. Raise and lower your baby into the air for an ab and arm workout. Or do sit-ups in a game of peek-a-boo with your little darling in your lap to make exercise with baby fun for you both.

Expert Tips “After you give birth, your body is filled with hormones, and the longer you wait to get active, the harder it will be to lose that baby weight,” advises Houston. So get up and get moving!

While you exercise with baby, avoid forcing any poses or moves to prevent injury to you or your little exercise buddy. While exercise for mom offers many benefits, including reduction of anxiety, stress and likelihood of postpartum depression, the opportunity to bond when you exercise with your newborn is a bonus from which you both benefit.

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