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Unique ideas for naming siblings

Many of today’s parents are looking for a way to connect siblings through their names, whether it is a passed down family name, same initials, same letters or even the same origin. Check out our unique ideas for naming siblings, including brothers, sisters and one (or two!) of each.


One of the hottest baby name trends of the year is to have a theme when naming siblings. Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, who all have names starting with the letter K, more parents than ever want to find a unique theme when naming their kids.

Ready to have fun with sib-set names? Check out some of the hottest and most unique themes when naming siblings!

Kardashian-sistersKopy the Kardashians

Having a first name with the same letter as your last name, such as Kim Kardashian, creates a fun and spunky name that is made for Hollywood. You can come up with unique names simply by changing the spelling of more traditional names to make them fit your theme, like Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian (instead of Chloe and Courtney). If you can see your children’s names in lights, this may be the perfect theme for you!

A new twist to a familiar theme

If having a first name starting with the same letter as your last name feels too trendy for you, you can pick names that start with the same letter but aren’t the same as your last name. For instance, Jessica Alba named her daughters Honor and Haven.

Origin envy

Do you love the melodic sound of Irish names? Or love the romantic meanings of French names? A great way to pay tribute to your native culture or heritage is by naming siblings names from the same origin, such as German, Spanish or French.

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Jamie-Oliver-family-namesI sense a theme…

One fun and unique way to name siblings is by picking a theme, such as flowers or destinations. Chef Jamie Oliver has daughters who have flower names — Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom. How cute is that? Or pick destinations that have particular meaning to you, such as London, Brooklyn or Venice.

More theme ideas include names with the same meanings, such as names that all mean “love,” or animal names, nature names or hippie names.

Copycat middle names

Another fun way to tie your siblings together is to give them all the same middle name. It’s not as obvious as using the same letter, but it’s still a fun sibling baby name trend. Many moms will use their maiden name as a middle name, which is a fun family tradition.

Combining parents’ names

Why not copy from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and combine your own names to come up with unique names for siblings? For instance, Willow Smith and Jayden Smith both have unique names that come from their parents, Will and Jada, yet are also uniquely their own.

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More unique ideas for siblings

Want more ideas for naming brothers, sisters or brothers and sisters? Check our these unique ideas:

  • Same number of syllables
  • End with the same letter (such as Jayden and Hayden)
  • Unisex names
  • Sporty names
  • Romantic names

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