Tips for traveling alone with the kids

Taking a trip alone with the kids? As a mom, sweeping the kids off for a fun and relaxing trip can be an awesome adventure, but it can also be a little scary. Here’s how to have fun and be safe.


Heading off on an adventure with the kids. Traveling with the kids can be an awesome experience, filled with fun and excitement. But if you are a mom traveling alone, you want to be sure that when you go, you’re safe and have fun.

How? These simple tips will help.

Plan it with them

Want your kids to love the trip? Let them help you plan it. Use websites and guidebooks to help you and the kids decide aspects of the trip — like where to go or what attractions to see. When you involve the kids, they naturally become more into it. And that sets the right tone for the whole trip.

Safety first

As with anything having to do with your children, safety comes first. Mom Kathy Steck of says that a few simple tricks can help increase your children’s safety when traveling.

She suggests pinning your name and phone number on the inside of your child’s clothing or in a pocket so that they would have the information to phone you if necessary. “Another tip I learned was to always keep a current picture of my child in my purse. In case they get lost, I have a picture to show others so they know who to look for,” says Steck.

Also, for young children, a stroller can be a huge help. “I found that having an umbrella stroller was a great way to keep my child with me, as opposed to constantly worried about her running off,” says Steck.

Top tips on traveling alone with kids

Going somewhere far away? No worries. You can do it — even if you are traveling alone.

Start by doing your homework about rules for airlines and other travel accommodations, says Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, founder and CEO of “Remember that if you are traveling with an infant, most airlines require one adult per baby, so you may not even be allowed to travel alone with your twins. Similarly, some countries require a letter of consent from the absent parent before departure,” says Bhojwani-Dhawan.

If you are flying, plan to fly when your child will sleep such as on a night flight. But also pack plenty of entertainment options, says Bhojwani-Dhawan.

Expert Tips “Ask for help and don’t be too concerned about other travelers. Do the best you can, but don’t expend your energy worrying about disturbing your fellow travelers. In fact, smile and ask for help whenever you need it,” says Bhojwani-Dhawan.

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