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Family activities your toddler will love

Part of being a family is doing things together… and when those things are fun for everyone, it’s even better. These family activities are perfect for everyone, including the toddlers.

Family with toddler at beach

Family activities should be fun for everyone — including your toddlers. But what activities are perfect for them (as well as everyone else in the family)? These four are perfect.

1Hit the museum

From children’s museums to natural history museums, there is so much exploring and discovering that can happen at museums.

“Museums, museums, museums. Many museums have summer activities for the little ones, as well as concerts. Check out the event calendars of your favorite museums in your area,” says Shnieka Johnson, an arts and education independent consultant based in NYC.

Pack up the whole family in the car and head to a cool museum near you. Also, be sure to check out the museum website ahead of time for any special considerations (for instance, are strollers allowed? Outside food and drink?).

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2Beach time

Kids and the beach go hand-in-hand. And for toddlers, it’s especially fun. There is so much that they can do in the sand, on sandbars and even in tide pools.

Bring sand pails, shovels and other sand toys for them to play with, as well as balls to toss around and swim gear (you may want some floaties, too). Then, set them loose and let them explore, dig and play.

Also, don’t forget the beach-friendly snacks and drinks (and be sure they are packed in a beach-friendly cooler).

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At every age, children can find enjoyment, excitement and glee in zoos. Watching animals as they frolic, play and even wash themselves is a special experience that kids just love — even toddlers.

Be sure to bring a stroller (those little legs get tired!), snacks, drinks and a camera. And check the zoo’s website ahead of time. Sometimes there are really amazing opportunities to learn more about animals or even touch them. Also, bring quarters — some zoos have little vending machines so you can feed some of the animals as well.

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4Go to the fair

Fairs are the perfect something-for-everyone activity. With rides, games and attractions, there is so much to do and so much for everyone to enjoy. Just make sure that you do a variety of activities and rides so that everyone has a good time.

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