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The new parent’s guide to flying with a baby

Whether or not you are a parent, everyone has experienced a flight with an upset baby. It can make for a very unpleasant journey for everyone, but luckily, most people are sympathetic to this situation. However, there are some ways to ensure that you, your baby and everyone else on the plane has a pleasant flight. Check out our new parent’s guide to flying with a baby.

Baby in airport

It takes experience to fully comprehend what you’ll actually need to be prepared for when flying with a baby. Luckily, the troops at Turner PR are fully versed in traveling with little ones thanks to a recent baby boom within the firm. They offer the following tips:

1Nurse or bottle feed upon ascent and descent


Airports and airplanes can be a totally overwhelming place for adults, let alone tiny newborns! The stimuli, the noises, the crowds of people, not to mention the pressure tiny ears could experience during ascent and descent is enough to make anyone cry! While you can pop a piece of gum to ease the pressure, your newborn can’t, however, you can help ease his pain by nursing or bottle feeding him when the plane takes off and when it’s touching down. This will help alleviate pressure, as well as soothe your little one during a particularly unnerving time.

2Be prepared… but don’t overpack

While it never hurts to pack extra diapers (estimate “one diaper per hour, just in case”) and to keep all the baby’s medicine in your carry-on bag, don’t overload yourself with unnecessary items. The Turner PR group suggests, “Pack well in advance, then edit a day or two before your departure.”

3Don’t stress

New parents flying with a baby should allow plenty of extra prep time. Dr Jessica Voigts of Wandering Educators advises parents “to take their time, be as relaxed as possible (babies pick up on stress!), and try to plan travel for when the baby is sleeping.”

4This too shall pass

If you – and everyone around you – has had a harrowing flight thanks to your (usually) precious bundle of joy, take heart. It’ll all be over soon. And if it’s really bad, offer to buy the passengers immediately around you a stiff drink! Dr Voigts also adds, “Be patient with your kids as well as with other frazzled travelers. Sometimes, you can change a day for people just by laughing — it’s contagious.”

If you really want to make the passengers around you smile, hand out ear plugs when you get situated on the plane.

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