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Shopping checklist for boys

Back-to-school clothes shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Bring along this checklist to get your boy everything he needs for school.

Everyday essentials

Consider comfort and quality when shopping for items that your child wears every day.

Underwear (10 pairs) – Look for online deals and compare prices. You can get underwear almost anywhere. Before purchasing online, figure shipping costs into the bottom line.

Socks (14 pairs) – Boys get socks dirty and wet very easily. Make sure he has an extra pair or two in his cubby or locker at school. All-cotton sport socks are best for everyday wear.

T-shirts (10-15) – Colorful tees make up a big part of your boys’ wardrobe. Choose short-sleeve fitted tees for layering, as well as long-sleeve tees for crisp fall mornings. Allow him to pick out his own t-shirts to express his individuality.

Sweaters (5-10) – Hoodies and pullover sweaters can be partnered with jeans, sweatpants, khakis and dress pants. If his sweaters from last fall are too small, he’ll need five to 10 new ones this year.

Button-down shirts (5) – Some boys wear button-down shirts often, while others only wear them for special occasions. Get your son a few new long-sleeve shirts in neutral colors, so they can be worn with everything.

Pants (8-10) – Does your boy wear through jeans quickly? If so, iron patches on the inside of the knees. No one will see them, but the knees will last two or three times as long. If jeans are permitted at school, buy 75 percent jeans and 25 percent cords, khakis or other pants.

Shoes (3 pairs) – Boys will need one high quality (not necessarily expensive) pair of sneakers, along with a pair of dress shoes and a pair of boots. When it comes to boots, look for a waterproof upper and a skid-resistant sole.

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What’s on top

When the weather cools down, he’ll need coats, hats and other outerwear to keep warm and dry.

Coats (2) – Consider the weather in your area when purchasing new coats. If you live in a mild climate, you probably don’t need a thick, down coat — a lightweight jacket and a midweight peacoat will do. For rainy climates, get a slicker and rubber boots to match.

Accessories – Now is the time to buy winter accessories. The prices are cheaper (and the selection is better) before the cold weather really arrives. Boys love beanies and knit caps. Allow him to choose fun colors and colorful prints in hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories.

Backpacks – Backpacks come in bold colors and cool patterns, or can depict your child’s favorite characters. And though a backpack should be fun, it also needs to be durable and roomy.

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Make a list of the items your son needs, along with sizes, before leaving the house. At the mall, stick to the list and only buy “extras” if you have leftover money after purchasing all the essentials.

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