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5 Fashion essentials for boys

Don’t make the mistake of thinking boys don’t care about what they wear. They can be every bit as fashion conscious as girls, and clothing is a great way to express their individuality and interests. Have some fun with it! Ask them what they want and help them make sure they’ve included the essentials.Talk through the planned purchases with your child, make a list and get going!

Back to school fashion for boys


First, last and always! They’re the most basic element in every wardrobe today. They are great for kids because they’re so durable and go with anything. Even when they’re torn, they’re in style! Let your son choose the style or styles that suit him best. He’ll need several pairs because he’ll wear jeans almost every day. Dark washes are dressier, so be sure to pick up at least one pair he can dress up with a button-down shirt.

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They’re just about as basic and popular as jeans, and they’re another classic. Younger boys love all the pockets for storing treasures they find throughout the day. Teens love them because they have that military vibe, in addition to being super comfortable. And they always have a pocket for their phone, keys, money and whatever else they need quick access to.

3Message tees

Superheroes, cartoon characters, animals and sports teams are just some of the options out there. What is your son into at the moment? This is a fun and relatively inexpensive wardrobe basic that can be updated throughout the year as new favorites appear.

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4Converse shoes

These are classics that look great and can take a beating. They’re considered stylish with jeans or with dress pants these days, so that’s shoe shopping made simple!


Let’s face it: chances are good that outerwear is going to be lost or forgotten along the way. Layers are always stylish and practical. A lightweight cargo jacket is comfortable and can be worn throughout the year, spanning the seasons. Topped with a vest and worn over a hoodie, it will even keep your child warm in the winter. Hoodies are extremely popular, so be sure to include a few in his favorite colors.

Always make a plan before shopping and have a budget. That will make it easier to stay on track and your list will ensure that you won’t discover you’ve forgotten something vital when you get home. Don’t plan to buy it all at once. Kids grow fast and trends change frequently. Buy the basics along with some of your son’s “gotta have it” items. The rest of the budget will be available for replacing outgrown or worn-out clothing throughout the school year, and you’ll have available funds for the next fashion “must.”

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