Shoes that dress up a school uniform

Although school uniforms have come a long way, wearing stock clothing day in and day out can be a fate worse than death for kids. Clothing is just another way budding personalities put themselves out there, and school uniforms can seem oppressive for that reason. That’s why accessories, especially shoes, are so vital to this look. Here are few ideas to show kids how to take that so-so uniform and turn it into a show-stopper.

Converse shoes

This footwear is seemingly respectful, but has just a touch of attitude to it. Especially if the Converse sneakers are a shocking color, or go all the way up to the knee. This shoe choice is a bit punk, but no one is going to get sent back to their room to change out of Converses.

Cowgirl boots

If Hollywood starlets can pair cowgirl boots with a sundress, then you can couple them with a school uniform. You can stay conservative, or you can kick it up a notch with in-your-face-fire-engine-red cowgirls boots (a la Ariel from Footloose).

Mary Jane shoes

We know what you are thinking. Black and boring. Not so, says these hauty little plaid numbers. While the style and fabric are conservative, the heel gives this look a little more edge. Some schools with uniforms place restrictions on how high girls’ (and we have to assume boys’) shoes can be. If that is the case, stow these in your backpack and wear them on the bus trip home.

Ballerina flats

These darling little numbers are about as school uniform-ish as you can get, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring black. Bring a little bling to that uniform by finding bejeweled flats or ones in funky colors.


School uniforms and Oxford shoes seem to go together like old men and black socks. But behold boys, these are not your dad’s- or your grandpa’s- Oxford shoes. Step aside clown shoes, and make room for Sketchers Urban Oxfords. This modern version of an old classic should satisfy school administrators, while making boys grateful that their shoes don’t look like they were passed down from a dead uncle.

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