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Accessory trends for girls

Being a little girl is so much fun, and experimenting with different trends just adds to the joy. Little girls have a tendency to latch onto their favorite accessory and wear it day and night until it breaks, gets lost, or sadly, until a sibling makes fun of it. Here are a few of the latest and greatest fashion trends for young girls.

Doggie purse

We can only assume this trend can be traced back to girly girls like Paris Hilton carrying a dog IN a purse. An innovator in the purse industry decided to go one step further and just make dog purses for little girls. Brilliant. Since little girls have no business caring for puppies, these purses are positively adorable, and best of all, parents are less likely to be asked if they will please, please, please buy a dog.

Butterfly necklace

There is just something about butterflies that portrays the innocence of little girls. Maybe because when we think of butterflies, we usually picture a sweet little thing with a mop of curls chasing after it. Girls are fascinated by butterflies, which is why butterfly accessories, whether worn around the neck or painted on her bedroom walls, are a favorite.

Floral headbands

Headbands have sure come a long way from those plastic tourniquets that used to give us screaming headaches until they broke. At least that’s what we told Mom. We may have actually thrown them on the ground and stomped on them until they snapped in half. Now they are made of a soft material and irresistibly adorned. Girls freak out over hair flair, especially the kind that makes them feel like a celebrity.


Even as the summer months wane, do not expect your daughter’s love of flip flops to fade. Is it the sassy noise they make when she walks in them? Is it that they represent hours and hours of fun in the sun? Is it that she can slip them on and be outside in 2.5 seconds flat? Whatever the reason, there are thousands of styles to suit any girl’s fancy.


The great thing about little girls is that they don’t need rain as an excuse to bust out an umbrella. In fact, they don’t need any excuse. A little girl’s umbrella offers protection from the rain, shade from the sun and a hiding spot from an annoying little brother.


Little girls feel like big girls when they wear a watch. They can pretend to tell time, or look at their watch with great importance when trying to figure out if they have enough time to complete a task. And if this little trinket has diamazoids and Justin Bieber on it? Fahgetaboutit.

Looking for a do-it-yourself craft for back-to-school? Check out this video to discover how to make your own headband!

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