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6 Reasons your kid should blog

Moms aren’t the only ones blogging up a storm. Kids as young as elementary school are hitting the blog scene — and it’s a good thing! Should you let your child learn how to blog and post his personal perspective for all to see? From teaching technology to providing a creative outlet, discover the six reasons your kid should start a blog of his very own.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that someone regularly updates with new information, commonly woven from a first-hand perspective. The difference between a kid’s blog and a regular blog simply comes down to the topic the author is choosing to tackle.

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What are the benefits of a kid’s blog?

“There are countless advantages of blogging,” shares Dr. Patricia Fioriello, Education Consultant, Kids Learn to Blog. “Kids who blog improve their writing, communication, and technology skills. They also have the opportunity to interact and socialize with other kids around the world in a matter of minutes!”

1Master written language skills

When kids exercise writing, whether it be digitally or pen to paper, their skills and abilities are sharpened. It is common practice to update blogs often, sometimes daily, giving your kiddo the chance to put his writing in practice frequently.

2Enhance communication skills

It’s harder to get your point across when you’re not face to face with someone, so your youngster will learn to communicate more effectively — a skill that will last a lifetime.

3Gain technology knowledge

Learning to use different blogging platforms, linking and embedding will amp up your adolescent’s technology and computer skills.

4Learn to handle criticism

Blogging can help teach kids how to deal with criticism, especially in a forum such as blogging that encourages personal opinion — and it’s not always nice.

5Encourage socializing

Especially if your kid is usually a wallflower, blogging gives him an outlet to express himself and interact with others in the blogging community.

6Create a revenue source

Although requiring strict parental supervision, your adolescent can start a blog to share his opinions while earning a little cash along the way with affiliate ad programs.

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Although keeping an eye on your kids’ blog is fun, it will also help you keep your young blogger safe from cyber dangers and let him focus on blossoming into a successful blogger.

Expert Tips Once your child learns how to blog, remember that parental guidance is key. “Blogging can be a win-win situation for children,” adds Dr. Fioriello. “The key to success is when parents and teachers supervise online activity and provide the correct instruction and guidelines about blogging.”

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