Tricks for eating cereal on the go

When your schedule is jam-packed and it feels like more and more meals are eaten on-the-go, it can be easy to get into a food rut, especially when it comes to finding healthy and portable breakfasts and snacks. If you’re a cereal fan, it may feel like you never get to enjoy your favorite morning meal, but there are a few tips and tools that will help return cereal to an active status in your daily provisions.

Woman eating cereal on the go

1Try to contain yourself

The best trick to eating cereal on-the-go (without making a huge mess!) is to find the right container to meet your needs. Of course, the easiest way to eat cereal on-the-go is to throw a single serving package in your bag and take it along with you, wherever the day may take you. It travels well, doesn’t take up much space and offers a healthy food option when you start to feel your blood sugar dropping and your hunger growing.

If you are a traditionalist, there are many on-the-go cereal containers available. These containers have a cereal compartment and a spill-proof milk section, so you can keep your cereal dry until it’s time to eat. Look for versions that come with a non-toxic freezer gel in the base, so you can keep your milk colder for longer.

2Mix it up

Turn your favorite breakfast cereal into your new favorite afternoon snack by creating your own personal brand of trail mix. Follow four easy steps to create a mix that will get you through the week:

  1. Determine your flavor profile. Do you want salty or sweet or both?
  2. With that in mind, choose four cups of your favorite cereal as the base for your trail mix. Low-sugar, whole grain cereals are a great choice, since they are healthy and delicious.
  3. Add three to four of your favorite snacks to your cereal – walnuts, pretzels, dried cherries, chocolate chips, raisins, cheese crackers, peanuts, dried apples, butterscotch chips, popcorn – really, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity. Start with ½ cup of each ingredient, and add more to suit your snacking preference.
  4. Season to perfection. For example, if you are going with a savory snack, try adding a little garlic salt or even a little parmesan cheese. Or if your mix is on the sweeter side, dust it with cinnamon and sugar.

3Go to the bar

Cereal bars are portable little packets of energy that store well and really can come through in a pinch. Keep a few stowed away in your glove box or at your desk at the office. There are plenty of prepared and packaged varieties available, or you can even make your own at home.

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