Moms like you share: My favorite way to serve cereal

Do you think the only way to eat cereal is covered in milk? If so, you couldn’t be more wrong. Take a cue from these real moms and use cereal to add some variety to your breakfast – and the rest of your day!

Yogurt with cereal

Cereal is a great way to start your day. It’s easy to prepare, tastes great and can be healthy if you opt for the flavors that aren’t caked in sugar. It’s easy to get in a cereal rut, though, since there aren’t many ways to eat it – or are there? These real moms have come up with new ways to serve an old favorite. Try one out on your family today.

1Making breakfast fun

Jodi Bryant, mom of four, doesn’t limit her children’s cereal choices to just one. “In the morning, I line up all the cereal boxes on the counter. They grab their bowls and pour in whatever kinds they want. Most of the time, they mix two or three flavors,” said Bryant. She adds it may look a little strange, but has no complaints when all four kids eat every bite.

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Mary Olivar sets up a breakfast bar for her family. They top their cereal with warm milk, cold milk or hot milk followed by a wide selection of toppings. They choose from warm fruits, dried fruits, cinnamon, ginger, flax seeds and more. Some members of her family even choose to make cereal more savory by topping it with vegetables or hot sauce. Everyone can mix and match their selections, creating a meal that’s unique to them.

2Milk substitutes

Milk isn’t the only liquid that tastes great with cereal. Sara Piddock likes to use juice instead of milk on her cereal. She recommends cereals that are crunchy, not flaky, and says orange, pineapple, apple and grapefruit juice all work well. The juice “gives the cereal a tangy taste,” she says.

Rachel Jankins lets her kids use cream instead of milk as a treat, a habit they picked up from her. “It started one morning when I didn’t have any milk, and I loved it. It’s sweet and delicious, but not too healthy, so we try not to make it an everyday thing,” said Jankins.

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Cereal isn’t just for breakfast. Mommy Jennifer Westcamp serves her toddler cereal all day long. “She will eat it [with milk] but I tried mixing it in with yogurt or applesauce and she went crazy!” Westcamp says her daughter is a picky eater, and this is one way she fits healthy food into her diet.


Mary Watkins thinks cereal is the perfect snack for when she’s out and about with her young kids. “I always have a sandwich bag or two of cereal in the diaper bag for snacks,” says Watkins. She likes to mix more than one type of cereal into a bag, making a cereal trail mix for a fun treat.

Andria Henry takes cereal snacking to a new level. She rolls a banana in crushed cereal and serves it to her young son. This is a great way to dress up a healthy snack, making a banana fun by adding a layer of texture.

Try topping yogurt and fruit with a sprinkling of your favorite cereal for a tasty parfait!


Most moms are familiar with the old bake sale standby, Rice Krispy Treats. Jesse Oleson has taken this old favorite and made it new by replacing Rice Krispy cereal with several other cereals. She uses fruity cereal, bran cereal, crunchy cereal, flaky cereal and more to create sticky gooey treats that everyone loves.

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Mom of two Sarah Lehner likes to use cereal as an ice cream topping. “It makes a quick and easy sundae – crunchy and yummy!” she said.

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