How to make edible crafts

Jan 30, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

You know what they say: You are what you eat. If you have an artistic child, let them express themselves through edible crafts using their favorite cereals and more. SheKnows shows you how.

Cereal crafts

1Wear it now, eat it later

Do not underestimate the power of an edible necklace. These are especially useful to break up the monotony of a long plane or car ride. Help your children assemble a nosh-able necklace by stringing o-shaped cereals of all flavors onto licorice strings tied together (to make a longer necklace).

2X+0= Cereal Math for little ones

Who knew cereal could be a math tool? Use different shaped or colored cereal O's to help children get an early grasp on counting. Using a piece of construction paper, some school glue and cereal, help your child visualize what 1 through 10 looks like. Make a 1-10 chart with columns of cereals indicative of the number you write above.

As you paste the first O on the paper, say 'one' and write the number 1 above the one O. Next to that, paste two Os, one on top of the other, and write above it (and say aloud) the number 2. And so on until you reach the number 10.

3Sweet sushi

Sushi for dessert? Yes, when it's made with cereal, licorice, gummy worms and fruit leather. Simply make a batch of crispy cereal-marshmallow treats. Spread the batch out into a thin layer on a cooking sheet versus packing into a baking pan. Let cool, then trim the edges off to make one even rectangle the length of your candy (use the licorice as a measuring stick). Reserve the trimmings (okay, you can eat a little).

Place one gummy worm and one licorice stick at one end of the crispy cereal rectangle, then roll one complete time so the cereal bar does not overlap itself. Trim this piece of "sushi" from the rest, then wrap an entire sheet of fruit leather (wrapper and all) around the cereal and gently squeeze. Remove the wrapper and slice into sushi-sized rolls. For Nigiri-style rolls, cut the leftover cereal bars into small rectangles, then top with a fish-shaped gummy candy and wrap with a thin piece of fruit leather.

4For the birds

While this craft is technically for the birds, kids have a lot of fun snacking as they are crafting this bird feeder! All you'll need for this simple edible bird feeder is colorful pipe cleaner straws and O-shaped cereal. Simply thread the cereal onto the pipe cleaner, then twist to secure into a circle to hang on a branch or get creative making all kinds of cereal-threaded shapes to adorn your trees with. Kids will love snacking as they create this edible treat… and they'll get a kick out of watching the birds come by for a peck.


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