New snack ideas – How to make snack mix with cereal

Cereal is a breakfast staple, largely known for being a light-yet-filling meal, usually packed with vitamins, fiber and healthy grains, but it has been limited to the breakfast table for decades. Take out the milk and add a few flavors and you have a yummy snack that can be eaten throughout the day. Lift the breakfast-only ban on cereal once and for all with these directions for making a tasty snack mix with cereal.

Snack mix ingrdients

1Choose your cereal

Do you want to go sweet or salty? Start by considering the cereal you have on hand. If it’s something versatile like Cheerios or bran cereal, flavors can go both ways. If you have something sweet like Cap’n Crunch, make sure the other ingredients you add to the mix go the sweet route.

2Pick a nut

If you or someone in your family is allergic to nuts, skip this step. If not, go crazy! Nuts are high in “good fats” and are a terrific, filling way to make your snack mix even more delicious. They’re high in protein and help tired kids (and big kids) get through the day with healthy energy. Peanuts are a good place to start, but try being more experimental with delicious cashews or vitamin-rich walnuts.

3Select other tasty snack fillers

Want a sweet treat to go along with your snack? Add a few candy-shelled chocolates to the mix, or maybe some chocolate-covered pretzels. Also consider using dried fruit as an alternative to candy sweetness. Raisins are a classic, but dried bananas and apples are super sweet and a super healthy way to take your cereal snack to the next level.

4Add some flavor

Head to the spice cabinet and select the ingredients to make your snack pop. For salty mixes, try adding a punch of garlic powder or oregano for a tasty, savory, Italian-inspired snack. For sweet mixes, add a spec of powered sugar or cinnamon to your recipe. Even try mixing it all in peanut butter for a dessert-like mid-day treat.

5Mix it all up

After you have all of your ingredients in a bowl, mix thoroughly. Make sure you get each flavor coated onto all of your bite-size treats. Taste and make sure it’s up to par. If not, add more spices and flavor to taste.

6Bag it

For a quick, healthy snack on-the-go, bag your mix in plastic sandwich bags. It’s perfect for school lunches and road snacks.

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