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7 School-day snacks

Kids always seem to be starving when the school day is over. Planning ahead for school snacks will ensure healthier choices and a ready answer to “Have we got anything to eat? I’m starving!”

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Everyone loves sampling yummy little bites at a party. Celebrate the end of the school day with a plate of healthy snacks. Cheese cubes on crackers, veggies with a little dressing for dipping, hard-boiled egg slices — whatever is on hand. Make it a party on a plate! Just include a variety of foods arranged to please the eye. This is a great way to encourage young children to try new foods while you chat about their day.

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2Wrap it up!


Small whole wheat tortillas, lettuce, hummus, chopped veggies and salsa are classic choices. Peanut butter with sliced fruit works too. Herbed cream cheese with thin slices of turkey or chicken is delicious.

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3KISS – Keep it simple stupid!

Some days are harder than others, so give yourself a few “one and done” options. Air-popped popcorn, granola or fruit are good by themselves and quick to grab. Package the popcorn or granola in individual serving baggies when you make it or bring it home. If you have small children, buy small apples or mini-bananas. You’ll have instant portion control and less waste.

4Peanut butter and your kid’s imagination

Peanut butter can be spread on celery stalks, apple slices, crackers, bagels, dabbed onto pretzels or sprinkled with raisins. It’s versatile. Don’t stand in the way of your kid’s creativity!

5It’s not just for breakfast anymore

Cereal makes a great snack. In a baggie, dry cereal is a portable feast. Read the box! Don’t buy cereals that are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. There are lots of great tasting choices available. Add the sweetness at home with a handful of dried or fresh fruit.

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6Cool it!

When the weather heats up, plan ahead and make smoothies or homemade freezer pops. Keep bags of frozen berries, bananas, yogurt and orange juice on hand. For smoothies, just toss some berries, a banana, yogurt and a few ice cubes in your blender. With the addition of a popsicle stick, leftovers can be frozen for tasty freezer pops.

7Sweet or salty

Sometimes we crave something that is salty or sweet, and kids are no different. Pretzels or popcorn are great choices for the salty treat. It’s easy to control the portion size, too. For the sweet, how about a cookie bar? If you make your own, you can add a few extras, like nuts and raisins, to punch up the nutritional value.

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