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Budget-friendly snack ideas for kids

Are your kids eating you out of house and home? Satisfy their hunger with yummy snacks that won’t break the bank.

Rice krispie treat

We spend a ton of money on convenient snacks that we can send with our kids to school, soccer, day camp or the beach…  these less expensive options (that are healthy to boot) will save you a small fortune.



Crispy rice bars

No parent could resist giving their kid something called Nature’s Path EnviroKidz Chocolate Crispy Rice Bars. These USDA certified organic treats are whole grain, low fat, low sodium and gluten-free. Each half-ounce bar contains just 50 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. And the price is sweet: 21 bars per bag for under $6 – one percent of which is donated to non-profit organizations that benefit habitat conservation, endangered species and youth education.

2Fruit snacks

Our kids love gummy snacks. We make ourselves feel good about it by calling them “fruit snacks,” even though we’re well aware of the fact that very little fruit is involved. Reduce the sugar and artificial ingredients with snacks from Nature’z Candyz, a gourmet dried fruit company from San Diego, where fresh fruit is plentiful year ’round. Nature’z Candyz never uses added sugar or preservatives – it’s just 100% pure, all-natural fruit. Just $4.99/bag at the healthy online marketplace Fooducopia.

3Nuts and tarts

Hail Merry offers a delightful array of nuts, “grawnola” and other healthy kid favorites. Hail Merry’s snacks are raw, vegan and gluten-free. They come in easy-to-open packets and have flavorful sweet and savory options including pecans, macaroons and award-winning tarts. Try the Sunflower Seeds-Salt N Pepper – a 4-ounce package is just $3.79.


It’s hard to beat the convenience of granola. Bob’s Red Mill New Whole Grain Granolas are healthy cereals that can be enjoyed with milk for breakfast or straight out of the bag for a whole grain snack. The granola features the cleanest, highest-quality, natural ingredients and tons of whole grains, fiber and protein per serving. Nature does the sweetening with honey, pure vanilla, brown sugar and molasses. Buy it right from Bob’s Red Mill online store for just $3.79 per 12-ounce bag.


Not every kid has a sweet tooth. If you’re the lucky parent of a child who craves protein, we’ve found just the right snack for you. Bumble Bee Foods’ Ready-To-Eat Meal Kits combine flakey tuna (traditional or seasoned) with crisp wheat crackers for an easy and tasty seafood snack option. Your kids will fill up on nutrition – not on sugar and calories. A case of 12 3.6-ounce packages is about $39 from Walmart.

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