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Game sites your kids will love (but actually help them with math)

Is asking your youngster to study math like asking him to eat Brussels sprouts? Then there’s no need to let him in on the secret that he’s actually learning with math games. From arithmetic to geometry to statistics, games that focus on mathematics take the fight out of learning by disguising it in fun puzzles, challenges, action and entertainment. From free games online to math games you can play on Facebook, discover 14 game sites your kids will love (and will actually help with math).

Math games for kids


At, elementary school-aged kids will have so much fun that they won’t know they’re learning when playing free online games online like Skater Math and Princess Math. is all about the math games in bright colors, cute characters and games for kids broken down by math focus. offers games that sharpen your kiddo’s math skills, from a math game that is a twist on Pac Man to matching games that will clue him in to decimals. mixes arithmetic and cute cats to help kids who love animals grasp math concepts through animal math facts and online play.

5Math Monkey is an app made especially for kids who are resistant to learning math. This iPhone and iPad compatible game was designed after the popular Angry Birds game — but with a mathematical twist. Other math games for the same gadgets include Rocket Math and Math Bingo and more.

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Math games for tweens‘s math games for kids give you and your tween plenty of options for fun from a site you know and trust with games like Math Lines., developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, puts an everyday spin on math problems, almost hiding the fact that this fun site is actually filled with learning. serves up math puzzles so cool you’ll get addicted to these math games right alongside your kiddo! offers tons of math games easily categorized by grade level, and with nearly 5000 Facebook likes, it’s sure to be a hit with your middle schooler, too.

10Science Kids focuses on more than just science. Their math section features games and puzzles that fine-tune his math skills from basic arithmetic to statistics and more.

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Math games for teens

11Math Forum tackles math problems and topics in a way older kids may appreciate, including a problem of the week section with word problems categorized by subject.

12 is geared towards youngsters who step up to a challenge when it comes to mind-bending puzzles that also polish math skills.

13 takes the latest craze in math puzzles to the Internet, making math more fun with a few clicks of a mouse. has its fair share of math games, like Math Games and Uno for older kids looking for fun — with a hidden benefit of learning.

Finding cleaver ways to sneak in learning is a skill you must master as a parent to minimize the battles, even when it comes to math. When it comes to game sites your kids will love (but will actually help with math), our lips are sealed. Whether you let your kiddo in on the secret that he’s actually learning with the math games you’re suggesting is up to you!

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