7 After-school snack recipes with veggies

Getting your kids to eat veggies isn’t always easy, but with these fun and easy after-school snack ideas, your kids will be chowing down on the green stuff in no time.

Girl eating pumpkin spice muffin

1Pita pocket pizza recipe


Most kids love pizza in any form they can get it, so chances are when you tell your kids they can have pizza after school, they’ll be thrilled. This simple pita pocket pizza recipe is microwaveable and only requires the simplest ingredients. Once you teach your kids how to make the pizzas once, you can turn them loose to create their own pizzas in the future.

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2Pumpkin and spice muffin recipe

It’s easy to forget that pumpkin is a vegetable, especially when it tastes as sweet and delicious as it does in these pumpkin and spice muffins. Make the muffins as a special after-school treat and serve them with a glass of low-fat milk.

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3Super-quick bean dip recipe

When your kids call on the way home from school to let you know they’re bringing their friends over, you know you need to whip up a filling snack, fast! This super-quick bean dip recipe only takes minutes to make, and your kids and their friends will be glad you took the time. Serve the dip with cut vegetables and tortilla chips.

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4Veggie flower bouquet recipe

Kids tend to be more likely to eat vegetables if they’re involved in the preparation of a meal. While a veggie flower bouquet does take time, your kids will love making the beautiful arrangement of cut vegetables the same way they love decorating Christmas cookies. Once the bouquet is created, set it out for afternoon munching to keep your kids satisfied.

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5Cucumber boat recipe

Sometimes it’s okay for kids to play with their food, especially if it’s going to help encourage healthy eating. Your kids will love the fun presentation of the cucumber boat, and once they taste the zesty filling, they’ll be likely to ask for seconds! Don’t be afraid to experiment with other vegetables and fillings – in the same way that a cucumber boat looks appealing to kids, a zucchini or squash could also be hollowed out and filled with a variety of toppings.

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6Sweet ants on a log recipe

Cucumber with peanut butter and raisins is so passé! Give your kids a sweet after-school treat with a new take on an old favorite. The Nutella filled “logs” and chocolate “ants” are practically dessert-like in their sweetness, but this recipe is still able to remain healthy as long as it’s served in small doses. Enhance the flavor even more by making “ants” out of dark chocolate morsels rather than milk chocolate ones.

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7Garlic sweet potato fries recipe

What child doesn’t love French fries? If your kids start begging for fast food as soon as you pick them up from school, offer them a homemade, healthy alternative to good ol’ Mickey-Ds. These garlic sweet potato fries may take a little getting used to, but after the initial surprise, your kids are bound to start appreciating the hearty flavors of this simple snack.

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