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7 Back-to-school cookie recipes

Back-to-school already? You may think that the summer has flown by, but your kids are probably not looking forward to heading back to class. To make the transition a little easier, why not pack their back-to-school lunches with a special cookie treat? Here are seven back-to-school cookie recipes that will make your kids smile.

Back to school cookies

1Easy peasy peanut butter cookies

If your child loves peanut butter, she will be stoked to find these rich and delicious peanut butter cookies in her brown bag. The recipe is mind-blowingly simple, but you can toss in fun add-ins like M&Ms, raisins or dried cranberries, or Reese’s pieces for a super peanut buttery blast.

Click here for the easy peasy peanut butter cookie recipe >>

2Banana oat cookies

You know what they say: bananas are brain food! Give your kids a back-to-school advantage this year with these banana-packed cookies. They are super healthy, too… no sugar added! How many cookies can say that?

Click here for the banana oat cookies recipe >>

3Easy oatmeal lace cookies

These easy oatmeal lace cookies are reminiscent of Thanksgiving Day thanks to spices like cinnamon, cloves and allspice. The variety of spices make this kicked-up cookie a hit with those with a more developed palette. Give these oatmeal lace cookies a try for a tasty back-to-school treat.

Click here to check out the oatmeal lace cookies recipe >>

4Easy pancake mix sugar cookies

Using pancake mix gives classic sugar cookies a twist. If your back-to-school crowd craves a sugary treat, answer their calls with these easy pancake mix sugar cookies.

Click here to get the easy pancake mix sugar cookies recipe >>

5Chocolate brownie cookies

Using store bought brownie mix makes for a rich and chewy back-to-school treat that’s part cookie, part brownie and 100 percent goodness. You can use all sorts of add-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts and raisins. Go crazy!

Check out our chocolate brownie cookies recipe >>

6Glazed apple cookies

Remember the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” We’re willing to try that, as long as that apple is eaten by way of these delicious glazed apple cookies. Fresh and delicious apples will be abundant come back-to-school time, so take advantage of this in-season treat. We’re sure the whole family will gobble up these apple-y sweets.

Click here for the glazed apple cookies recipe >>

7Easy no-bake cookies

At the tail end of a smoldering summer, who really wants to fire up the hot oven? Save yourself the added heat, but don’t miss out on making cookies by whipping up these easy no-bake cookies. Bonus: no wait time from the time you make the batter to the time you get to start eating cookies!

Click here for the easy no-bake cookies recipe >>

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