8 Fun school lunch bags and boxes

When you take the time to pack your child’s lunch, you want her to be excited about opening up her lunch box to see all the goodies inside. As any chef knows, presentation is part of the eating experience, so make sure you serve lunch in a fun lunch bag or box.

Diva Lunchboxes

1For the little diva

If your daughter is a budding fashionista, send her to school carrying a lunch box that shows off her stylish side. You can have this sunglass-adorned Frecklebox Little Diva metal lunch box personalized with your daughter’s name. If you love the personalization, but not the design, consider the Sassy Safari personalized metal lunch box instead.

car lunchboxes

2For the car guy

Frecklebox doesn’t just make fun lunch boxes for the girls. Any boy who loves working on cars with his dad will love this Vintage Truck personalized metal lunch box. If trucks aren’t his thing, the Race Car metal lunch box is probably your next best bet.

For the budding environmentalist

3For the budding environmentalist

For the kid whose mantra is “reduce, reuse, recycle,” pick up Reuseit.com’s “I am not a paper bag” lunch bag. Not only is this recycled lightweight cotton bag reusable, it was also made in the USA.

Lighten the load lunchbox

4For lightening the load

Little kids have a lot to take with them to school, and it’s easy to accidentally leave a lunch box behind. If this is a regular concern, consider picking up Mimi the Sardine lunch bag/backpack hybrid. It comes in designs perfect for boys and girls and its backpack-style arm straps make it easy to carry all sorts of supplies back and forth from school.

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