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Study group snack ideas

Whether it’s after school or all night, a study group can seem especially long without a few good snacks. After all, the brain is an organ that acts like a muscle, so it makes sense that a little fuel can help to stave off the fatigue that comes from a long work-out. The next time you host a study group, try including snacks that not only taste great, but help boost your brain to boot.

Girl studying and eating fruit

1The benefit of Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids may provide boosts in memory and improved learning, as well as helping to fight against mental disorders like depression. They are found in fish, walnuts, kiwi and dark leafy greens, which gives you a variety of ingredients to base a study snack around. Try sushi with salmon or kale chips for unique flavors and a memorable study session.


B-vitamins powerfully influence mood, mental performance and stamina. They also are water and fat-soluble and require replenishment. Predominantly found in high-protein foods like poultry, meats, beans and eggs, as well as whole grains and dairy, try serving comfort food favorites like chicken strips or egg salad sandwiches on whole grain rolls. Or opt for something sweet like vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries. Not only will you get the benefits of B, you’ll also receive extra memory fuel from blueberries, which are potent memory boosters. They contain a phytochemical that has a positive influence on spatial intelligence and memory.

3Just add carbs

Sure, they are a good source of energy, but when eaten without protein and fat, carbohydrates may also be mentally soothing. Fresh fruit is a sweet and refreshing source of carbohydrates. Make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies, mixing in walnuts and flax seed to sneak a few omega fatty acids into a sweet indulgence. Granola and trail mix are simple and a crowd-pleasing treat that are packed with energy. And who can say no to popcorn? It’s full of fiber and whole grains; just hold the butter to feel light, healthy and energized.

4Chips & dip

Sometimes chips and dip are the only snack that will satisfy. If that’s the case, try hummus and pita chips. Made from chick peas, hummus is high in protein, fiber, vitamins and potassium, so it will boost your stamina during a late night study group. Chips and guacamole are another good snack. Full of good fats, potassium and vitamin A, it’s a healthier choice. Exercise guacamole consumption with caution though. Some say that it may be a possible aphrodisiac, which could lead to study sessions that may require a chaperone.

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