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Online games for teens

According to a study by the MacArthur Foundation, nearly 97 percent of kids ages 12 to 17 play video games, including online gaming. Between online games for kids and online games for adults, where can your teenager go to get their video game fix? From teen games by Nickelodeon to Facebook games, discover some safe, age-appropriate online games for teens.


When it comes to online games for teens, there’s a seemingly endless supply of options. However, websites such as, and lead the web in ranking as reported by’s June 2011 report on the top 15 most popular video game websites. But, as far as your teenager goes, following are some websites that are geared toward teens.

Online games popular with teenagers

Teen Nick goes animated with free online games featuring Nickelodeon’s favorite teen stars from current and past shows like Victorious and True Jackson, VP. Visitors can create a username and password and share thoughts and tips about games and more on this site for teenagers who love their Nickelodeon shows.

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Free online games for teens offers free-to-play games, such as the increasingly popular Combat Arms. Similar to the well-known Call of Duty for game consoles, players join forces to defeat other teams in this first-person combat game. The site also offers several desktop games as well as publishes a Facebook game. games for teens games are accessed through the Facebook apps directory, and are not developed by Facebook itself, but played by Facebook members. Popular titles such as Farmville make these social games more than just a way to pass the time. It’s a way to mingle with others in the Facebook world. Note that some games require fees to play, so make sure your teenager knows what’s involved before signing up.

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Online gaming collection is your teen’s portal to nearly any type of free online game imaginable. From fighting games to arcade games to games for girls, this site seems to have it all. You can even visit the site from your game console or phone to access compatible games free of charge.

It’s worth noting that many online games for teens involve more chatting and comment-posting capabilities, so let your teenager know your rules about information sharing before letting them play these free online games. With the right guidance, your teen can play games geared toward her age safely and still have the freedom she is old enough to earn — even if only on the Internet

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