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Over-scheduling summer, housework with a newborn and more

Looking for a quick overview of what’s new and hot this week at SheKnows Parenting? Check out our Friday SheKnows Parenting week-in-review. From recent parenting news to can’t miss tips, it’s all here!


Is it possible for a mom to truly dislike her daughter because she’s “different?” Mom Confession: I never liked my child. Difficult to read, even more difficult to understand.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed during your quest for the perfect baby name, narrowing down your search by theme is a great way to start. Try a themed name! Exotic names, spiritual names, traditional names and more.

Summer is finally here! Don’t ruin it by packing every day with activities. Tips and tricks for keeping your summer schedule reasonable. Don’t over-schedule!

Your house doesn’t have to be spotless, but you don’t want to live in squalor! How to get housework done with a newborn baby. Seven helpful tips.

Some places are appropriate for a kids’ lunch. Others are not. Field trip kids stop at…Hooters Would you want your child to hit up Hooters on a field trip?

What do babies think? Find out what our writers believe goes through little ones’ heads in Baby Banter. Am I too young for a tongue piercing? Is there a parental consent form for this?!

You’ve created a birth plan — only to find that your doctor has other plans in the home stretch. What to expect when labor is induced. Educate yourself!

Learning begins at birth. 5 Reasons to take your baby to the library. Real Moms Guide.

Just because a girl looks older than 16 doesn’t mean that she should do adult things — like get married. Lost Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, marries a 16-year-old. Creeper alert.

Need to laugh about the silliness that can consume some parents? Watch It can be hard to make mom friends. “I think a baby seal just died.”

We like celeb parents who keep it real. Brooke Burke gives herself the bad mommy award. Celebrity Pregnancy.

Is your birthday approaching? How to celebrate your birthday when you’re a busy mom. You matter, too!

Getting close to giving birth. Read other moms’ birth stories. Sharing stories is empowering.

Planning a party for Independence Day this year? Throw a kid-friendly Fourth of July party. Party time!

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