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How to help your family feel safe after a break in

After a home break in, the feelings of violation and fear can be overwhelming. So, how do you make your family feel safe in your own home when you’ve been robbed? From home security measures to seeking help for your loved ones, get tips on how to help your family feel safe after a break in.

1Set up an alarm

Although adding an alarm to your abode may not guarantee that a thief won’t still break into your home and take the first thing he sees before the authorities arrive, it may make the potential robber consider your house to be a heightened risk of getting caught and move on.

2Make use of a timer

In general, robbers don’t want to get caught. So, chances are if they think someone is home, they won’t take the risk. Consider buying a timer that will turn lights on and off to give outsiders the impression that someone’s home, especially when you’re on vacation.

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3Install motion sensing lights

Shed some light on your property with outdoor lights that are triggered by motion to leave little room for lurking. No need to use blinding flood lights, but giving your perimeter enough light to keep it out of the dark can help keep your home safe.

4Pick up a simulated dog bark device

Want the protection of a dog but don’t want a pooch to call your own? Try setting up a motion activated alarm that sounds like a dog barking to deter burglars from entering your home. Be sure to combine it with a posted “beware of dog” sign to support the notion that Fido’s keeping this home safe.

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5Invest in a taser gun

Looking for a way to protect your family against home break ins but aren’t comfortable having a gun in your home? For added layer of home security, consider investing in a Taser gun or stun guns. They are not considered firearms and can be legally carried in most states in the country without a permit. However, some states, counties and cities do not allow Taser guns, so check with your local government to confirm.

6Seek support

“A break in that happens when the victim is not at home can still have significant emotional and psychological effects,” explains psychotherapist Dove Pressnall, MA, LMFT. “People who have been robbed in this way frequently report similar reactions to those who were present when the crime was committed including a sense of violation and fear or anxiety about being harmed in the future.” It is important that you and your family talk to a therapist or join a support group for victims of break ins. Or, when resources aren’t available, initiate a family meeting and have everyone air their feelings about the incident and give one another the emotion support you need.

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Making your home safe from robbery often only becomes a priority after home break ins have already occurred. Instead of waiting to install home security or invest in ways to guard your family from burglars, try a proactive approach and implement these tips on how to help your family feel safe after a break before potential thieves strike!

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