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Are you that mom?, homeschooling, summer activities and more

Looking for a quick overview of what’s new and hot this week at SheKnows Parenting? Check out our Friday SheKnows Parenting week-in-review. From recent parenting news to can’t miss tips, it’s all here!


Homeschooling 411. Are homeschooled kids really lacking in socialization? Families who homeschool still socialize!

Father’s Day is two days away. Still need to snag a gift? Top 5 worst Father’s Day gifts. Skip these…unless Mother’s Day was a letdown.

Celebrity baby watch. Natalie Portman has her baby! Becoming a mom — not winning an Oscar — is her crowning achievement.

Blowy dried hair and make up — when did those become luxuries? Diary of a New Mom: I’ll never be that mom! Are you that mom?

Not all peer pressure is negative. Using peer pressure to your advantage. The bright side of peer influence.

Taking generosity to a whole new level. A single egg donor has 19 biological children. Find out why she has undergone 41 egg-harvesting procedures. (And it’s not for the money.)

Plant a summer garden with your kids. Kid-friendly gardening projects. Ever heard of a taco garden?

New moms who are tired, take note: Breastfeeding moms get more sleep! It’s not quite an hour more, but when you’re sleep-deprived, every minute counts.

Summer has arrived. Learn how to make homemade popsicles. Beat the heat with this tasty treat.

Gettin’ busy, trying for a baby? How to keep baby-making sex fun. Tips to keep it spicy!

Hiring a summer nanny? Get the top 5 interview questions you must ask a summer nanny. “Do you have a record?” Yes, you really should ask that!

Do you miss your pre-baby body? Get back on track with tips from Heidi Klum’s trainer. You might not be able to look like Heidi Klum, but you can steal her workout moves.

Feeling blue over the name you selected for your baby? How to deal with baby name regrets. After the hormones, er, dust settles, here’s what to do if you regret your name choice.

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Nine summer experiences your family shouldn’t miss. Cheap or free…and fun!

Expecting? Check out these summer maternity fashion trends. How to look hot when it’s hot.

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