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Finding positive celebrity role models for your daughter

In today’s celebrity-obsessed world, teen girls idolize girls on the silver screen and in glossy pages of the magazines rather than real life role models. But do you really want your daughter idolizing much of young Hollywood? Probably not, but there are actually some really great celebrity role models out there, too. Here’s how to help your daughter find positive celebrity role models.

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1Help your daughter find a passion

Whether they tout it or not, many celebrities donate to charity or are passionate about a cause. Seek out your daughter’s passion, then try to find a celebrity who is passionate about that same cause. For example, Cameron Diaz is known for her commitment to the environment, and Angelina Jolie is an active UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. Help your daughter find a role model who is known for her hard work, moral code or her efforts in helping people.

2Steer clear of reality star superheroes

Remember Willie Nelson’s old song “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys?” Today’s version would go something like “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Snooki.” For the love of Girl Scout cookies, don’t let your daughter idolize Snooki. There is a vast difference between reality stars that are paid to have cameras follow them around as they get drunk and cause drama, and real actors and singers who have a real talent and work hard to perform at their very best. Make sure you clarify the difference for your daughter. If she has an interest in becoming a “celebrity,” help her define the route she wants to take to get there. There are also many talented people in this world that are famous for more than performing – such as authors and painters.

3Fame is not everything

Be sure to accentuate the fact that aside from the glamorous material things celebrities have and the amazing events they get to attend, they also work long hours and have to travel away from their families for weeks or months at a time to film a movie or series.

4Skip the scandals

There are few celebrities out there who have escaped some sort of scandal, but let’s face it… there are different levels of scandal. Would you rather have your daughter idolize an actress who has bounced in and out of rehab or jail or one who experienced, survived and, most importantly, left behind an abusive boyfriend?

5It’s all relative

Above all, reassure your daughter that everything she sees and hears on TV, in magazines or online has to be taken with a grain of salt (except our articles, natch!). Every celebrity has a life behind closed doors, and how the media portrays a particular celebrity or circumstance does not make it 100 percent truth.

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