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Plan a movie night with your daughter

Despite your hectic work schedule and your daughter’s school/homework, extra-curricular activities and all-important social circle, you managed to schedule a movie night with your daughter… score! Now all you have to do is make sure it’s a success so your daughter will actually want to be seen in public with you again. Here’s how to plan a movie night with your daughter.

Mom and daughter watching movie

1Take an interest

There are so many cute kid-friendly movies out today that are also geared for adults’ interests, too. Do a little research to find out the hot new movies that are playing before you plan your movie night so you can suggest some flicks that you both will enjoy. Your daughter will love the story line of Monte Carlo. Selena Gomez plays an ordinary girl who becomes an accidental heiress when a summer trip to Paris turns into the adventure of a lifetime. While your daughter dreams of living her own real-life fantasy, you’ll be taken in by the visual footage (and meanwhile secretly plan a trip there with the hubby one day when the kids are out of the house). But really, just enjoy the time you have with your daughter while you are there together!

2Pick a hot spot

Don’t take your daughter to any old theater. For a real movie night treat, take in your movie of choice at a high-end theater with recliners, blankies and pillows, and food/beverage service. Bond with your daughter over a brownie sundae while taking in the flick. If your town doesn’t have a dine-in theater, treat your daughter to dinner before the movie or dessert after the flick. Either way, popcorn and candy during the film are a must.

3Include your daughter in the planning

While you may think planning the night for your daughter – including picking the flick and the locale – is a great way to organize the night, she may think otherwise. You can learn a lot from your daughter by asking for her input when it comes to your movie night. Ask her which movies she is interested in seeing, and if she has a favorite theater or if there is a new one she’d like to try. These are also all topics that can lead to great conversation between you and your daughter (hopefully face to face rather than via text message).

4Ban Dad… and everyone else

Make sure your movie night with your daughter is truly just that — the two of you. Regardless of how many other members of your family are dying to go, make it clear that this night is just for you and your daughter… and that other members of the family (including your hubby!) will have this opportunity, too.

5Go with the flow

Make sure the movie is appropriate, but if there is an awkward sexual or otherwise unexpected scene, don’t make a big deal about it, but don’t avoid talking about it, either. Watch your daughter for clues and be receptive if she wants to talk about anything.

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