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Adding too much water to formula & other new mom no-nos

Becoming a new mom comes with many questions and every new mom needs a helping hand. It is no different when new moms begin feeding their babies formula. There are some specific rules to preparing and serving your baby formula which can only be learned by reading the instructions carefully on the product’s container. Here are a few new mom no-nos for using formula that will help you in using formula products properly.

Does it matter if I add more water than directed?

Yes, adding more water than directed on the product package will dilute the formula and lower the amount of nutrients your baby receives. Formula is made with specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for your baby to grow properly, so mix it exactly as directed on the formula’s package to ensure your baby receives the ultimate nutrition.

Should I heat the baby’s formula in the microwave?

No, microwaving formula can cause hot spots that will burn your baby. In most cases, if formula is room temperature or cool, there is no need to heat it. If prepared formula has been stored in the refrigerator, you can heat the bottle in a pan of warm – not boiling – water or run the bottle under a warm tap. Always check the temperature of the formula on the inside of your wrist before serving it to baby. If it is too warm for your wrist, it is too warm for baby.

Can I place a bottle of formula back into the refrigerator and reheat later if baby doesn’t finish it?

No. Once your baby has used a bottle of formula you shouldn’t save the unused portion and reuse it. Your baby’s saliva can cause bacteria to form in the formula in the bottle that heating or cooling cannot destroy. In fact, never reheat formula that has been already heated. Also, never use a bottle of formula longer than one hour after your baby has begun drinking it. Toss it out and start fresh instead.

Is it okay to buy dented cans of concentrated or ready-to-use formula that have been discounted to save money?

Never buy any can of formula that has been dented or damaged in any way. Damaged cans can compromise the formula and cause spoilage. This can lead to botulism, a form of food poisoning. Also, always check the ‘use by’ date on each container of formula and don’t buy expired product.

Can I alternate between powder, concentrate or ready to feed formula?

Yes, as long as you use the same type of formula. For example, if you use a hypoallergenic formula for your baby, it is fine to alternate between the powder, concentrate or ready to feed forms of that formula.

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