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Heidi Klum’s trainer shows you how to get your pre-baby body back

Heidi Klum has four kids, but you’d probably doubt that after checking out her killer figure. So how did this supermodel get such a bangin’ post-baby body? SheKnows went straight to the source for the answer: Klum’s trainer Andrea Orbeck.

Celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck has worked with countless big time celebs. Her roster includes Heidi Klum, Usher, Seal, Doutzen Kroes, Karolina Kurkova, Maria Menounos and Alicia Silverstone to name a few!

SheKnows dropped by the Muscle Milk Fitness Retreat for a one-on-one workout with Orbeck to bring her tips on fitness during pregnancy, workouts after a C-section and other supermodel-style postpartum fitness tips back to you!

Andrea on appropriate weight gain

Though there are men on her list, Orbeck specializes in helping supermodels get their pre-baby bodies back after pregnancy with her Supermodel Sculpt and Pregnancy Sculpt routines.

“Science tells us now that we don’t need to gain 75 pounds to grow an 8 pound baby,” Andrea said of how Heidi Klum scaled back on gaining pounds during her pregnancy. “All we need is 35-40 [pounds].”

Andrea on fitness with a bun in the oven

We asked Andrea about some appropriate exercises for pregnant women.

“The most crucial changes that happen in their body is in the weight of their belly and the weight of their boobs and that forces a slouch.”

On that note, Andrea advises you to focus on exercises that oppose those movements during your pregnancy, exercies that give you a strong lower and upper back.

“The rest is maintaining the normal [exercises] that you love,” said Andrea. “There’s no reason that you can’t maintain an entire regimen, as long as you’re doing the things that are safe for your body.”

Andrea on exercise after giving birth

The rule of thumb is three weeks. “In three weeks you can start walking, and then walking can go more intense into your soft jogging and you’re good to go within a month.”

She did, however, tell us that a C-section can make a difference in your workout after birth, while breastfeeding should not factor in unless you’re overtraining for a big event like a marathon.

“If you’ve had a C-section, they’ve cut through your abdominals and those are where you have to have more patience.”

Andrea on hot body incentive

To those moms suffering from postpartum depression or a lack of motive, “Find the things that gave you the incentive before the baby: photos of yourself, the skinny jeans you wanna get back into.”

She also reminds you to rely on your support system and the little modifications that make a difference over time.

You may not need to be walking runways like Heidi Klum and Orbeck’s other clients, but her moves apply to women everywhere. From whether you can workout while breastfeeding to what Heidi Klum ate while she was pregnant, Orbeck gave us a full rundown on what it takes to lose the baby weight.

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