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Preggo brain

Stupidity… it claims the minds of the best of us. Some laughingly say that as your baby grows, your mental capacity shrinks! Here’s what some five-monther mamas had to share. (If you’d forget you were pregnant if your belly wasn’t protruding, take heart: You’re not alone.)

I had my first “stupid” moment of this pregnancy. I went to the store yesterday to buy some fabric paint. I took my husband’s car because he took my mine for the day. When I was walking out from the store to the parking lot with my son, I saw the car and tried for five minutes to unlock the door. My key wasn’t fitting in, and I started to panic because my husband was [out of town] for the day, and I would have to call a taxi to get home, etc… All of a sudden I looked in the car and realized that it had grey interior instead of a tweed color. I was trying to unlock the wrong car! My car — same make, model, etc. — was two cars down. People actually saw me trying to unlock the car door. I was so embarassed. – Willsmama

My husband and I went out for supper, and I realized when we go to leave that I had forgotten to turn my car lights off and the battery is dead. Luckily enough, his friend just lives down the way from where we were, and gave us a jump start. Then after sitting in my doctor’s office for two hours, I go to leave and realize again that I forgot to turn off my car lights! Twice in three days? This has happened like two or three times tops since I’ve been driving! Then last night on the way home, my husband I stopped at a grocery store. We’re walking in and he lets me get in the door before he says, “Aren’t you going to shut off your car lights yet?” – Brandy

Well, for two days straight, I made coffee, and never put the coffee in, wouldn’t have been so bad, but I added cream and Sweet ‘n’ Low the second day. Then I was hot and sweaty yesterday and complaining and I got real frustrated and said something like, “My boobs are just hanging there, sweating like two tits on a bull hog.” My SO just about fell over laughing and said, “Honey, its not a bull hog, it a boar hog, and they are male!” Of course I got mad and said, “Well, excuse me for not taking THAT course in college,” then I laughed so hard I peed myself! – Tammy

I’ve had so many its unbelievable! The top has to be trying to get into the wrong car while laughing at my husband, thinking he was being the idiot at the wrong car! Not to mention no longer being able to do simple math like addition and subtraction! – seashelleobx

I was walking down the hall to see a client, and he was standing at the end of the hall in our office, which is quite a ways away. I had a business card in my hand and I dropped it. I picked it up then I dropped in again. Then I picked it up and dropped it one more time before I finally got up to see him. He was just looking at me trying not to have that, “She’s an idiot” look on his face. It was soooo embarrassing. – Darlene

I slowed down to stop at a green light. Woo hoo! – Marian

I think I have you all beat: I was making a ‘pay by phone’ payment, and when the lady asked me how to spell my last name, I blanked out — told her I didn’t know. – Lisa

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