Hobbies for stay-at-home moms

If you are able to stay at home with your baby or young child, you may feel blessed, but sometimes the daily grind and lack of adult interaction can make you weary. Making time for yourself is important and starting a new hobby is an excellent way to keep your mind active as well as relax, but what hobby does a new mom start? Read on for some ideas as well as tips for keeping your supplies out of little hands!


New parents are natural photographers. After all, your baby is the most perfect subject to focus on! As your little one grows, you can experiment with different lighting, backgrounds and techniques. Try to use natural light when possible. Don’t be afraid to lay your baby in the grass either — it can make a beautiful and touching photo. Also, digital cameras make it very easy to shoot, shoot, shoot and you only print the best pictures, so no more wasting film. It’s easy to move beyond baby pictures and practice on flowers, scenery or pets.

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Scrapbooking is the perfect way to preserve your memories and mementos of your little one, but it can be time consuming. Instead of going all out and purchasing a large scrapbook, start with a small one. Scrapbook one page at a time, or one event at a time, and don’t put pressure on yourself to finish the whole project in one afternoon while the baby is sleeping. Keep your supplies in a basket with a lid and a handle that you can move with you from room to room (and put away safely when you’re not using them).

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Even beginners can get use out of a sewing machine or experiment with hand sewing. Finding time to sew with a little one may be difficult at first, but take advantage of the times your baby is asleep to learn how to sew or start on projects. It’s best to have a designated area for sewing so you don’t have to pack away your material, scissors, pins and machine when your baby wakes up. Better yet is a separate room with a door you can shut. If you don’t have an area you can use, make sure you keep all sharp objects packed up and out of reach. A sewing basket kept handy can make picking up easy.


If you’ve always wanted to write, why not start now? Begin by creating a journal or diary. Try to write in it every day, even if it is just a sentence. Getting into the writing habit can help clear your mind and organize your day. Once you get in the habit of journaling, you can explore other writing methods, such as poetry or fiction. You never know when you’ll begin the next bestseller!

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