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Plan the ultimate Father’s Day

What does dad really want? We got the dirt from dads about their ultimate Father’s Day so that we could lay out some awesome and lay out a plan for the ultimate day using ideas from dads themselves. Check it out.


Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are behind us and Father’s Day is fast-approaching. What are you planning to do for your dad this year?

If you haven’t decided yet, don’t worry. We talked to dads to take the mystery out of planning an awesome Father’s Day.

1Be good

For the kids, one ultimate gift is something that money just can’t buy: Being good all day. “Longer would be even better…I am not talking perfection, just pleasant continual cooperation with everyday interaction — like going to bed when told and sitting up to the table to eat. Normal stuff,” says David, a father.

2Time to just be

Another relatively cost-free present? A day where dad can do whatever he pleases. Alone. “I’ve spoken to many of my friends and we have agreed that — to a man — we’d like a day completely to ourselves. We, our little clique, are all hands-on fathers that spend lots of time with our kids and spouses and don’t need a special day with them. We need a special day not to be dads,” says Robin D. Ader

How would this play out? “For me, I’d like to wake up in the morning with no obligations to anyone and without having to speak to anyone…I want to eat what I’d like and when I want without having to explain myself. I’d want to drink what I’d like and when I’d like without having to explain myself. I’d want to have complete control of a video, audio or other electronic device in the house, unencumbered, without being criticized for what I’m watching or how loud it is,” explains Ader.

So…take the kids to visit grandpa?

3A weekend together

While dads of young kids might be craving time alone, dads of adults might want a little more facetime. So that weekend trip? Could be the ultimate-ultimate, pleasing both dad and grandpa.

Richard Hayman, father to five and grandfather to nine, says that his ultimate Father’s Day would be spent with the whole family piled into their mountain retreat. “My perfect father’s day would be one where every child and grandchild came up on Saturday, slept over and stayed till Sunday evening. This retreat is a grandchild’s paradise: Basketball court, long driveway for biking, ATV runs, inline skating, swing set, play house and trampoline. And 10 acres of woods to explore,” says Hayman.

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