Dad appreciation party

Jun 1, 2011 at 6:14 a.m. ET

A dad’s work is never done. From office work, to yard work, to family time, it’s no easy job being a daddy. While there is a very special day in June to celebrate dads, why not create an extra special party as a tribute to dad?


Every dad is different. Some dads go to offices for long hours to work, some dads stay home and help with housework and cooking, other dads have to travel for days on end to help pay the bills for a family. It does not matter what dad does, it does matter that you can honor him in a special way. Here are some clever ideas from dads themselves about appreciation parties and activities that would make them smile and bring joy to their days.

1Take in a Sports Game

"My son lives many hundreds of miles from me. My ideal party to celebrate being a dad would be a sports game with my son and his family since we do not get to go very often together. Whether that be a Cubs game or his new hometown favorite, a day out with my family enjoying an activity we all love would be the perfect celebration," — Joe, dad to Shawn.

2Park Time

"I'm the dad to a four-legged child. I care for him as I would any other baby. To celebrate being a dad, I would enjoy celebrating with my pooch and my wife with the perfect day in a park, BBQ and Frisbee. This way, we all get to partake in activities we all love and get to do them together," —Scott, dad to Blaze.

3Yard Work Party

"This might sound a bit crazy, but having the whole family help out with yard work would be fun. I don't mind doing it too much, but if everyone chipped in and we could do it together one afternoon, it would be enjoyable. Having some refreshments and good food would make it festive. The teamwork, jobs we could get accomplished and time together would be a celebration for me," —Ben, dad to Hank.


"I'm by no means lazy on the weekend. I work long hours all week and just like to relax on the weekends. A celebration to honor me would include having all my girls at home—both daughters and wife, hanging out in the den, good snack food and a great sports game on television or a family board game. Nothing elaborate, just quality family time at home," —Rene, dad to Adriana, Shana, Alejandra and Araceli.

5Dinner Out

"My wife cooks almost every night and while I do enjoy her cooking, a night out at a restaurant is always a mini celebration and change of pace. If it were my choice, we would head to a great steak house with the whole family and catch up on the week and enjoy one another's company. That is always cause for celebration for me," —Ron, dad to Julie and Scott.

6Sprinkler Madness

"I have really young children and truly enjoy just spending time with them in the yard, relaxing and watching them have a good time. If I could have a small party, to honor me, I would want to honor my children and set up a bunch of sprinklers in the yard, have a cooler full of beer and something tasty to throw on the BBQ. If friends and or family could make it, that would be an added bonus," —Jeff, dad to Lila and Liv.

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