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Real moms share: My favorite family activity

Families today are busy with work, school and children’s activities which make it difficult for them to carve out quality time together. Spending time together helps families reconnect with each other as well as create lasting memories. These moms understand the importance of family time and share their favorite family activities.

1Gather at the table

Sharing meals together is an age-old tradition but today’s busy families find it increasingly difficult to do. Felicia A. Williams, work-at-home mom of two says, “My favorite family activity is getting together over some good home cooked food. A good meal is the key to opening the door to their lives. It’s amazing how much we hear and learn as we share a good meal.”

2Take a hike

Spending time together outdoors is an excellent way to share quiet time as a family as well as get some exercise. Sarah Charmley, mother of two, enjoys hitting the trails with her family. “Going to a nature reserve for a walk and bird watching,” she says is her favorite way to spend time together.

3Hit the road

An old-fashioned family vacation is just the thing to bring everyone together and make memories. Enjoying a family vacation is Julie Mayfield’s favorite way of spending time with her husband and four children. “With everyone’s lives so busy, I love getting away, just the four of us, with no school, work or activities to get in the way.”

4Relax with a movie

Parents of very young children find that movie night is a great way to relax and enjoy time together. Miranda Grimm, mother of two little girls, says that movie night is her favorite family activity. “My daughters and I will gather all the pillows around the house along with our favorite blankets. I pop some popcorn over the stove and we all, including my husband, gather in the living room, lights off and TV volume turned up enough to let us zone out and completely get into the movie.”

5Play a game

Family game night is an old staple but one that many families still enjoy. Anitra Elmore and her two children make family game night a healthy competition. Anitra says, “I’m not one of those parents who let her kids win. In fact, I like beating them, but I have the most fun seeing their reactions when they beat me!”

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