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Adventure outings with the family

You’ve done the bike rides and hikes and had a great time. But your kids are getting older and they are ready for more. You’re thinking it’s time to take the adrenaline up a level, to have some outings as a family that push the limits. Sure, a little riskier in some ways, but there must be businesses out there ready to offer adventure activities to families in as safe a manner as possible. Yes, there are. And your family is going to have a blast.


Upping the adventure level of family activities is a great way to intensify family together time — especially when the traditional family activities are feeling a little lackluster. You’re not going to find these kinds of facilities on every corner, so be ready to go a little farther to create a family experience to remember. You’ll also likely pay a fair bit more for the experience, but for the family looking for something different in their family bonding time, that extra cost could be a shrewd investment in togetherness.

1Rock climbing gyms

Special facilities with tall, reinforced walls and specialty equipment, and plenty of professional support and instruction, rock climbing gyms are a terrific family activity. With helmets and tied-into rope and belay systems, the whole family can find their inner spider and scale the walls, finding routes in the hand holds– and rappelling back to the ground when sufficient adrenaline has been achieved. Expect sibling cheering to erupt even among the most rivaled of your offspring. And if your kids really like it, there are competitive leagues for kids of all ages.

2Ziplines and Treetop skill Routes

You can get a zipline for the backyard, but treetop zipline and skill routes are something entirely different. Even those with mild fear of heights can often manage these routes. The safety procedures are thoughtful and the tree canopy help disguise just how far it really is to the ground.

3Skydiving near the ground

Indoor skydiving isn’t an oxymoron anymore. Think of a wind tunnel directed straight up a tube. Now imagine jumping into that wind and moving up and down on the current. Now don’t just imagine it — take your family to do it! Even young kids can experience this kind of “flight,” so it really can be fun for the whole family.

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4Fun on the flying trapeze

If you’ve recently taken your family to the circus, finding a trapeze school where the family can actually experience flying through the air might be just the thing to do. Swinging on a bar high above the ground — with nets and safety ropes, of course — is a step way beyond the swings at the playground.

5Laser tag or paintball

Your family likely already experiences a little competition among the kids. Why not create a couple of family teams and try your hand at laser tag or paintball? Strategy, excitement and lots of laughing are all in store for an afternoon.

6Go kart racing

We’re not talking county fair level go-karts — we mean sophisticated little vehicles that can go pretty fast — if your skill makes that possible. Complex tracks and time trials, and age-appropriate speed controlled remotely, let family members participate and compete in a structured, safe environment. And have a lot of fun in the process.

If you’re family wants or needs something different in the family activity realm, try a little more adventure, a little more adrenaline. Take a risk together, and the rush will be that much sweeter.

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