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Camps for special needs and special interests

Summer camp is an experience that can change your child forever. From camps with religious focus to camps for special needs children, summer camps provide an education, a chance for your child to be more independent, and gain skills in their field of interest. Discover camps across the country, from special needs camps to camps that focus on a special interest.

Camping - special needs

Choosing the right summer camp

With the thousands of summer camps available, you will want to research the best fit for your child so she can get the most out of her time away from mom and dad. “Summer camp helps kids grow out of their comfort zones,” offers Brittany Rose, owner of More Than Cheer. “Kids grow their self confidence at camps because they are meeting new people and trying new things.”

When your kiddo isn’t comfortable, it’s less likely that he or she will open up to new experiences, so start your research at American Camp Association or National Camp Association to search by needs, interest, length of camp and more.

Types of summer camp

There are camps that focus on special interests, while others focus on religion and spirituality. Some camps are only offered to children with special needs, such as autism or blindness, while other camps have the staff and resources equipped to give these campers a safe, nurturing summer camp experience.

The following types of camps are most commonly offered across the country:

  • Academic camps
  • Equestrian camps
  • Grief/bereavement camps
  • Sports camps
  • Travel camps
  • Visual & performing arts camps
  • Weight loss camps
  • Wilderness trip camps

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You can also choose a camp that focuses on an area of expertise such as:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Gifted and talented children
  • Inclusion and mainstreaming
  • Weight loss
  • Youth at risk

Does your child have special needs? Look for camps for:

Camps by affiliation

Many organizations offer summer camps for members of their youth, from clubs to religious organizations, such as:

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Choosing the right summer camp for your child involves many factors. Listen to your youngster before deciding which camp program is best for your kiddo. When possible, consider visiting the summer camps before making a commitment.

Whether choosing summer camps for children with autism or band camp for your aspiring musician, when finding the right camp for special needs and special interest, all that’s left to worry about is you missing your kiddo while she is off having fun at camp!


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